Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


10. Chapter 10



Evellyn's P.O.V


''So where does justin want to hang out",  "He said he wanted to go horse back riding" she said really excited. "Horse back riding i'm not even dressed appropiate" i said. "Don't worry i called miley and told her to bring clothes for you'' she said claming me down. ''Ok Then" i said unsure. "Wheres the place",  "It's in the mountains duhh" she said sounding like its the most obvious thing. Which it was. "What Ever" i said sounding like an idiot. Then we both burst out laughing. I turned on the radio and the song Applause By Lady Gaga was passing and we both sang like little 6 year olds. I drove off and luckily papparazi hadn't spotted us. When we got there Miley and Ariana were getting off thier car and we got off as well. "Hey Guys'' Miley said walking over to us. ''Hey'' Me and Demi said at the same time. "I have the clothes for you" she said handing me the bag. "Thanks Miley" I said smiling ,  "No Problem, Theres a bathroom over there'' She said pointing to the bathroom. "K Thanks" i said jogging to the bathrom. I got in and looked in the bag and there was boot cut jeans and flats, I put them on and put my clothes in the bag and walked out. "WOW those jeans fit you better than they do on me" Miley said laughing. "I Guess" i said giggiling , "They Show off your big butt of yours'' Demi said laughing. "Heyy" I said laughing too, "No but they do look good on you" Ariana said smiling. "I trust you guys i said pointing at them. "Yeah Yeah'' Miley said giggiling. Then the guys came up to us. "Hey Evellyn, Miley, Demi, Ariana'' Alfredo said loud. "Hey'' we all said at the same time.



Justin's P.O.V


"Ok let's Goooo'' Lil za said pointing his in the sky and we all laughed. We walked into the lobby thing and the manger came up to us "Ok So the horses are over there , let me show you guys'' he said taking us outside. There was 9 horses there ''Ok so here are the horses'' the manager said smiling. " So you all get our own horses'' the manager said. I was little dissapointed. The truth is i was hoping to share a horse with Evellyn but oh well. The guys got on thier horses and so did I. The manager was helping Ariana up and miley was already up on her horse with Demi. I looked and saw Evellyn trying to get on her horse cause she was too tiny. I got off my horse and grabbed her waist lifted her up and she was on top of her horse now. "Thanks" she said smiling "Your welcome" I said, "You know i could've done it myself'' she said raising her eyebrow. "Sure'' i said laughing. I got on my horse and looked and everyone was already on. "Lets Ride some horses" Ryan said rubbing his hands together. We were riding the horses and having a good time and laughing. "We should race" Alfredo said,  "Ok Jaden and Demi, Ariana and Me, Miley and Alfredo, LiL Za and Ryan and finally Evellyn and Justin'' Chaz said . i looked over at Evellyn and she had an evil smirk on her face. " Ok here until the other end'' Alfredo said pointing to the other side. " Ok first Demi and Jaden you guys go first" Miley said. They both took off and Demi ended up winning "HAHA'' Demi said sticking out her tongue out at Jaden. "Be Quite" Jaden said rolling his eyes. "Ok Now Evellyn  And Justin" Alfredo said putting his hand in the air. I went next to Evellyn and whispered in her ear "Follow Me'' and she just nodded in agreement. "Ready set gooo" Miley said screaming. I saw Evellyn following me and made a turn at the finish line. "what are you doing" sha said. '' Trust me and follow me, i wanna show you something" i said. I made a diffrent turns and finally got to the place. "Close your eyes",  "why" she said wanting to know. "Just close them" i grabbed her hand. "Ok Now open them" she opened her eyes and she gasped. ''Omg Its Beautiful" she said really happy. There was a waterfall and a log and also a beautiful view. ''How did you find this place'',  "I had a dream and nobody knows about this place just me and you" i said winking at her and she blushed.  ''Well Its really nice here, and we should probably get going before they start panicking anad start looking for us'' She said giggiling. "Ok'' i said a little sad that we were leaving. We left and got back to the place where everyone was. "What took you guys so long'' Demi said relieved that we came back. "We just got lost" I said. "Well whatever at least you guys came back" Miley said. It was getting dark so we all got off the horses and went in the lobby. "Thanks for today it was fun" Evellyn said smiling. ''No problem". She hugged me and said bye, I felt so good hugging her. ''Come on demi let's go'' she said walking out the door "Coming'' Demi said and waved goodbye to us. they drove off and so did the rest of us. When i got home and sat at my couch, and got a text message from Demi and it was a picture of me and Evellyn on the horse and we were both looking to the left. I saved the picture and went on instagram and uploaded it and instantly got a comment it said : You Guys Will make a Cute Couple <3

I smiled at the comment and logged off and went to sleep.

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