Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


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Evellyn's P.O.V


I woke up and justin wasn't next to me, I got up and went to the bathroom and went downstairs. I saw justin in the living room talking to pattie and his grandparents. My eyes went big and they all turned to look at me and justin did a cheeky smile. I covered my face and blushed, "Goodmorning Evellyn" justins grandparents said and his mom said at the same time. "Good morning" justin came over to me and hugged me. "Aww my baby looks so cute" he chuckled and I rolled my eyes. "So I talked to my mom and grandma and grandpa and after arguing so much they finally agreed to letting me take you out" I giggled and pattie smiled. "So where to", "Somewhere not get dressed because we are leaving in 30 min" I looked at him and panicked and ran upstairs and got ready. I changed into something cozy but cute because it was freezing. I went downstairs and justin immediately smiled and bit his lip. I blushed a little and went over to him and hugged him. "So mom were leaving we might come back at midnight" pattie pointed at justin and said "No justin at 10:30 I want you home" I giggled and justin sighed. "Ok" he grabbed my hand and looked down, "Oh and Evellyn make sure justin doesn't get into trouble" she smiled and justin whined "Hey I'm a big boy I can take care of myself and my beautiful girlfriend" he looked at me and smiled. "Yeah justin" pattie said and chuckled and went to the kitchen. We left and got in justins Ferrari and drove off. "Where are we going" justin looked at me and laughed, "to get food baby aren't you hungry" I rolled my eyes and he pinched my cheek with the hand he wasn't driving In. We parked in the parking lot of I hop. Justin quickly got out of the car and ran to my door an opened it. "Thanks sir" I giggled "Your welcome my lady". We walked in I hop holding hands. The waiter came and took us to out seats. We ordered and waited for the food to come. Justin took out his phone and took a picture of me. "Justin what was that for" he ignored me and then said "shhh" he started typing something . I got a ring from my phone and I curiously checked my phone and justin tagged me In a post on instagram. I went on instagram and checked the post and it was the picture of me looking down and my hands were rested on the table and the caption I said : you you you @EvellynCarter

I liked it and justin winked at me. Meanwhile I was on instagram I decided to post a video and I got my camera ready started recording. I faced the camera to myself. "Ok so I'm here with this Dork" I faced the camera to Justin and squished his cheeks, he looked into the camera and smiled "Baby" he said and I giggled in the camera. He came up to me and wrapped his hands around my waist and faced the camera then at me and kissed my cheek "I love you baby" I blushed and hid my face his his chest and mummered "I love you too" then it stopped recording. I laughed and he winked at me and went back to his seat. I posted the video and captioned it as : ❤️

Justin immediately liked it and I logged off, the food came and we started eating. I felt a strange shiver go through my body and I ignored it. After we finished we left and headed to the car, some fans spotted us and ran to us crying and screaming. "Omg can we take a picture with you guys" I smiled and justin nodded. We took pictures with them and one of the fans said "You guys are the best and you guys the make the freaking cutest couple" and they ran off. I smiled and justin kissed the top of my head and we got in the car and left. "Babe are you ready" he looked at me then turned back to face the road, "Ready for what" I looked out of the window and noticed a car was following us but I ignored it. "To have some fun" he chuckled, "Baby I was born ready" I winked at him and he licked his lips. "Justin" I said and faced him, "Yes Beautiful" he looked at me and smiled. "You know how your driving to who knows where and" I smiled and his eyes were still locked into the road. I don't know where we were going because it looked like we were in the middle of nowhere. "Hmm keep going" he said, "You know if you weren't driving there are so many things we can do" I bit my lip and he looked at me and his eyes got a little big and I giggled. He turned back to the road and I kept going "You could run your hands through my body and we'd kiss and lay on top of your car and kiss" he turned to face me and licked his lips and turned the car around and he parked his car where there was trees and nobody was around and we were still in the middle of nowhere. He got off the car quickly and opened my door and I got out and he pushed me to the front of the car and he wrapped his hands around my waist and smashed his lips into mine, he licked my bottom lip and I moaned. His tongue asking for permission and I let him in. I ran my hands in his hair and wrapped my legs around his waist, he lifted me up and laid me on his car.

Justin's P.O.V

She smiled in the kiss which caused me too smile. She broke the kiss and giggled "You know we can go further but we are in the middle of nowhere and someone can spot us" she winked and my eyes got big. I wish what she was telling me was the truth or if she is just kidding I would take her back to my moms house and do it but my mom is there. She got in the car and I got in the drivers car. I put on my belt and she smiled at me and I smiled back. I started the car and went back. "So where are we going" I turned to look at her and chuckled "Ice skating" her eyes got big "Baby I can't ice skate for shit" I laughed and said "don't worry I'll be there right NEXT TO YOU and catch you when you FALL because you are my BABY and I'm your BOYFRIEND and I want to TAKE YOU, ALL AROUND THE WORLD and show you all the finest things in life and AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, everything will BE ALRIGHT and I'm gonna Tell you One Time that there is NOTHING LIKE US and you are my FAVORITE GIRL and my ONE LESS LONELY GIRL and I want to DIE IN YOUR ARMS and baby I promise to NEVER LET YOU GO" I looked at her and her face brightened up and she smiled really cute. "Aww thanks baby that was really sweet" she said and I winked. We got to the Ice skating park and we got off the car and went and got our shoes and put them on. "Ready" she nodded and I grabbed her hand and we stepped on the ice. "Ok so first.." I showed her and she nodded. She started doing it and we were ice skating together with our hands intertwined together. I felt strange I looked around the park and saw a guy with a hoodie and he was smoking and was staring at us. I looked back at Evellyn and she smiled. I smiled back and we went around 5 times.

Evellyn's P.O.V

Justin stopped and I looked at him, he flipped me so that he was leaning on the railing and his hands were wrapped around my waist and he kissed me. He broke the kiss and I felt uncomfortable like someone was watching us, I looked behind me and saw a guy with a black hoodie and he was smoking I couldn't really see him because he was hidden in the shadow. The guy put out his cigar and clenched his fists and stared at justin.

Justin's P.O.V

The guy was staring at evellyn now and I knew he was checking her out and I wanted to go over there and punch the guy. Evellyn looked at me and she had a scared face on. I was getting angry and she touched my shoulder. "Let's go" I grabbed her hand and we took off the Ice skating shoes and put our regular shoes on. I pulled her close and we hurried to the car. I got in the car and started the car. We left and I drove fast making sure the guy wasn't following us. I looked at Evellyn and she looked at me and she was frightened, I touched her hand with the hand I wasn't driving with. We finally got to my moms house and we got off and went inside. I closed the door and locked it, I guess I closed it too hard because my mom and grandpa and grandma turned to look at us. "What's wrong" my mom asked, "Nothing just tired and were going to sleep" my mom nodded and we went upstairs. Evellyn sat in the bed and ran her hands through her hair, I came up to her and sat next to her and wrapped my hand around a her shoulder, she hid in my shirt and I kissed the top of her head and she said "I have ONE LIFE and I only want to live it with you" I listened carefully to her words "don't worry babe we are gonna make it" she hugged me more. My eyes were wide opened and Evellyn was cuddled up next to me asleep.





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