Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


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Evellyn's P.O.V


I opened my eyes open and my vision was blurry, I blinked a couple times and It got better, I looked to my side and justin was still sleeping. He looked so cute, the way his messy hair was up, made him look like he had sex hair. I giggled and he smiled while his eyes were still closed, he pulled me closer to him and he wrapped his hands around my waist. I giggled and he opened his eyes, "good morning baby" he said and I smiled "good morning bieber" I was getting off the bed until he pulled me back "No don't go I want to cuddle more" he closed his eyes with me still In his arms. "Baby you know we have to get up sooner or later" he groaned, "Nooo" he said and buried his head in my shoulder. "I have an interview to go and JT might be calling me any second now", "Whaat interview with who" I faced him and said "Ellen" his head quickly shot up and I giggled. "We have to hurry she's gonna get mad at me for bringing you late to the interview" he got off the bed and started grabbing his clothes. I sat there on the bed and he walked up to me and stool out his hand for me to reach, "Come on Ev" I finally grabbed his hand. "I'm going to take a quick shower and then we'll go to your house so you can  change... Unless you wanna join me in the shower" he looked at me and winked "Just take a shower bieber" I pushed him and he laughed and got in to take a shower. I fixed Justin's bed just for being a good girlfriend, once I finished I went downstairs and sat in his couch and went on instagram and looked through my news feed. 



Justin's P. O.V


I got out of the shower and changed and fixed my hair. My phone then rang and I picked it up and it was scooter, "Hello" there was a little silence then he spoke "Justin where is Evellyn she needs to be in a interview in 30 min" he yelled through the phone "She's with me and we'll be there" "Ok hurry" he hanged up the phone and I jogged downstaris."come on baby" she got up and we left to her house. 



Evellyn's P.O.V


We got to my house and I ran upstairs leaving justin behind and I grabbed my clothes that I was gonna wear and hopped into the shower. After I finished showering I quickly got into my clothes and put on a little mascara and I nude lip color for my lips and blow dried my hair and went down stairs where I had left justin. We hurried out the door  and drove to the interview. We got off the car and scooter and JT were waiting for us, "Hurry Evellyn" JT said and gave me a microphone for me to put on my shirt.



Selena's P. O.V


I stared at the picture that I found of justin and evellyn, I sighed to release the anger and drove to Edwin's house. When i got there I knocked on his door and luckily he opened it. He stared at me and was about to close it when I put my foot in the way so he couldn't close it. "What do you want selena" I bit my lip "Something that you'll want to know if you let me come, it has to do something with evellyn and jus.." He interrupted me "Don't say that fuckers name" I smiled and he moved aside to let me in. I dropped my purse on his couch, "So what is it tha you wanted to tell me" I took out the photo and showed it to him. "Here you might want to take a look at this" he stared at the photo and he looked very angry, he threw the photo on the ground and yelled. "That's fucking fake" he punched the couch "No it's not I found it nearby Justin's house If you want to know the truth the bitch is on Ellen's in 2 min live" I walked up to the control and changed the channel to the interview. 

"Ok now we have the beautiful and talented evellyn" the audience cheered and the slut came out. She greeted Ellen and they both sat down. "Ok so everyone is going crazy" Evellyn nodded Ber stupid head and Ellen said "just look at the screen" the camera showed the screen in the back and it was a picture of justijn and Evellyn kissing and Justin's  hands were wrapped around her waist and the picture changed to them in disney land and she had a huge teddy bear and they were laughing and hugging and there was many pictures. She did her bitch giggle and everyone awwed. "So are you guys going out" she smiled really big and nodded yes everyone cheered and stood up.


I looked at edwin and he was furious and started running his hands through his hair. "Stupid jerk" he yelled and I calmed him down. "Lets see the whole interview" he nodded and we sat down in the couch.


"Woow finally you guys make a really really cute couple I had my fingers crossed when I first heard about your guys relationship, everyone has been waiting for this day no but really congrats" once again everyone cheered and awed. "So tell us how did this happen" she smiled and spoke, "well uhmm I woke up and  there was a note on my door and it had a message and it lead me to a secret place and he..." She finished saying how Justin asked her out and all that shit. "So how was your first date with Justin" she giggled "It was amazing because I was with him and he was really cute and we passed by a booth and justin tried to win me a huge bear and he failed and never gave up until he got me it" she did a stupid smile and everyone awwed. "Well is justin here" hopefully he wasn't I wish he never loved but out of my luck he came out and greeted ellen. "So justin are you happy now" justin looked at the bitch and smiled "Yes" he looked at her and they stared into each others eyes and everyone was screaming 'kiss kiss kiss kiss' he finally leaned and and they kissed.

I stood up furious and felt jealously. I looked at Edwin and I can tell he was holding it in. He turned off the t.v and looked at me. "So what's the plan" I bit my lip. I told him the plan and he agreed. "Stupid slut be prepared" I laughed and edwin chuckled. I walked up to him and I wrapped my hands around his neck and he started kissing my neck. I evilly smiled and he took me to his room . can't wait to have fun


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