Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


41. 41

Justins P.O.V


I woke up the next day with butterflies in my stomach, All that I could think of is Evellyn is my Girlfriend. I went and took a quick shower and changed into some beige shorts and a white shirt. I fixed my hair and and sprayed some cologne. I went downstairs and checked the time and it was 11:45, I quickly went to my leopard car and drove to Evellyn's house. When I got to her house I got off my car and knocked on her door and waited there nervously. Two minutes later she opened the door and she looked Beautiful as always. "Hey Ev you look amazing" I smiled, she was wearing light washed high waisted shorts and a strapless white blouse that was tucked into her shorts. "Thanks You don't look so bad yourself" I chuckled. "Thanks babe" she smiled when I said Babe. "Wanna go" she nodded and I grabbed her hand and opened the passenger seat for her. "Thanks" I winked at her and quickly got in my seat. "So where are we going" she put on her seat belt and turned to face me. "Uhmm surprise" I winked and she sighed "Ok" I drove off and we talked and laughed the whole way there. Once I saw Disney land , I parked my car and we got off. "Our first date is the fair" she looked at me and she was shocked "OMB I love Disney land" I smiled and we intertwined our hands. We were walking to disney land and luckily fans hadn't freaked out yet.


Evellyn's P.O.V


"Where do you want to go first baby" he looked at me, "Uhmm I don't know" I looked at all the rides and he said "I Know how about the Holly wood tower" he smiled really big. I spotted the ride and it was crazy and scary "Uhmm I guess", "don't worry baby I'll never leave your side" I smiled and he kissed the top of my head. we walked to the ride and waited in line. The line took forever and I laid my head in justins chest and his hands wrapped around my waist, Call me crazy but I heard a pictures snap but I ignored it. After 40 min of waiting we finally got in, justin never let go of me. We sat in the seats and the ride started the whole time my eyes were closed and justin was laughing at me, the ride was horrible it made my heart go crazy. We finally got off and justin laughed at me "See baby it wasn't all bad" he pinched my cheeks "Easy for you to say" he chuckled and we were looking for more rides. We went in the pirates of Caribbean ride and many more. We passed by a basket ball shooting thing and you had to throw a basket ball in the hoop 3 times from far away and you get a huge teddy bear. "Wait babe I want to win you that teddy bear" we went back and he payed the man 6 bucks and the man gave him 3 basket balls. He missed the first 2 and he only had one left to make and he missed. "Fuck" he whispered and I giggled, "Give me another one" justin paid the guy another 6 dollars and he missed them all except one. Errr the buzzer made because he lost, I giggled and he jumped up because he was supposedly warming up. "One more shot" and once again he paid the guy another 6 and he shot the first one and it made it and he did the second one and It made it. The took a deep breath and he threw the ball and it bounced on the board and it made it in 'ding ding ding' "Congratulations you won a huge teddy bear" the guy said and he handed justin the huge bear and justin was soo happy. He handed me the bear "Here babe I won you a bear" I giggled and said "Thanks" he winked and i spotted a photo booth, "Justin Justin let's take a picture" I pulled him into the booth and I put money in the booth and we took 1 silly face, one sad, One surprised and one kissing and lastly one looking at each other. We went outside of the booth and got our pictures And it came with 3 strips, I gave one to justin and I kept with the two because I was gonna save it and frame it. We were leaving disney land and we ware just walking around and we saw a women doing face painting. "Omg baby I dare you to get a face paint" he shook his head no, "Fine but at least on your hand" he nodded and he sat on the chair. "Ok so what kind of painting do you want" the women opened the paints "I just want it on my hand and write an E with a heart" the women nodded and justin looked at me and winked and I blushed. After 4 min she was done, "There you go" justin got off the chair and smiled at the painting. "Do you want one too" the women looked at me and I nodded "Let me guess the same thing but a J instead" I smiled and so did she and justin. She finished and I loved it, "Now we have matching drawings in our hands" justin kissed me and I felt fireworks explode everywhere. I wrapped my hands around his neck with the bear in between my legs until I heard camera snap and we both broke the kiss. There was fans and families taking pictures and cheering, I smiled at them and a little girl came up to me and justin "Can I take a picture with you guys" I leaned down to her height "sure sweetie" she smiled really big and her dad I think came and justin carried the little girl and I was next to justin and her dad took the picture and she said thank you and left. A few other fans took pictures with us and then paparazzi came and spotted us and started attacking us and we said goodbye to the fans and left running. "Here babe I'll carry the bear and hold my hand" I grabbed his hand and in my other hand was the pictures of e and justin in the photo booth. We hurried to the car and justin drove off "I'm sorry babe about the paparazzi" he caressed my hand, "It's fine just as long as I'm with you" he turned to face me and smiled and went back to facing the road. I looked behind and paparazzi were behind us in a huge van. Justin went straight to his house and he quickly got off and opened my door and grabbed my hand and paparazzi were taking pictures like crazy. One of the strips of the photo that we took fell out of my hand and flew away, "Justin the photo" he looked back and saw the photo "Babe I know but the paparazzi" he opened his door and we got in and he locked it. He dropped the teddy bear out of his hand and came up to me and hugged me. "Babe are you alright" I nodded and he kissed the top of my head. "Want to sleep over pweeasse" he did a puppy dog face, "Sure" he smiled and took me upstairs. He looked through his drawer and found some sweats and a long t shirt and gave it to me. "Here you can change into this" I nodded and grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom and changed. I got out of the bathroom and justin whistled "Dang Baby" I rolled my eyes and he pulled me to his bed. "Your soo smexy even in these clothes" he winked at me and I blushed, "Liar" I whispered. "I would never tell a lie about your beauty ness" I hid my face away from him. "Stop making my blush" he chuckled "You can say all you want but whatever you say will never make a difference on how beautiful you are and yes a lot of guys are killing right now to be in my position" I looked at him and kissed his cheek "Thanks Baby I would say the same for you" I bit my lip and he grabbed a piece of my hair and tucked it behind my ear. He kissed me with passion and his tongue asking for entrance, I gladly accepted it. "I love you evellyn" "I love you too" he smiled and turned off the lights and went back on the bed and cuddled up next to me and laid his chest on my shoulder and wrapped his hand around waist.



Selena's P. O.V


I decided to go to Justin's house and try to win him back. I got to his house and got out of my car and noticed a white strip of long skinny paper. I picked it up and and turned it over and it was a picture of justin and evellyn making stupid faces and kissing. I felt my whole body turn into anger and burn. I got in my car and closed door with the picture with my hand. I knew exactly what to do with the pictue. Evellyn be prepared for your worst nightmare.

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