Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


39. 39

Evellyn's P.O.V


I got home and threw my luggage on my couch and sent upstairs to my closet to pick out my outfit for tonight. I decided to go something simple but still cute I put on a mini skirt but not too small but yeah, I put on a plain white blouse and finished the outfit with some high heels and some accessories. I straightened my hair a little bit and did a natural makeup. I took a mirror selfie showing my whole outfit and put it on instagram, I grabbed my car keys and headed out my house and got in my car. I drove to jadens house and when i go there all I heard was the loud music from inside. I got in and the place was crammed with people. I tried looking for the girls but I couldn't find them I turned around and saw justin, "Hey Ev" he smiled and so did I "Hi uhmm by any chance do you know where Miley,Demi and Ariana are" I looked around and he said "Probably getting waisted somewhere" I giggled "Oh great" I bit my lip nervously and he said "Want to go outside in the back patio theres less people and not that much of a loud noise" I nodded and followed him outside. We stood there looking at the stars and there was a complete silence between us.



Justin's P.O.V


I looked down and noticed she was wearing the bracelet that I gave her for our friend ship. "You still have the bracelet" she looked down at the bracelet and nodded " I never took it off because it means so much and someone really special gave it to me" she looked at me and smiled, I rolled up my sweater sleeve and showed her my bracelet. "I guess this really means so much for us" she turned to face the night sky and I smiled. I stared at her and admired staring at her beautiful face everything about her is perfect and the way she is Latina makes want to want her in my arms and never let her go. She turned to face me and chuckled "Why do you always stare at me" I licked my lips and said "Because" I paused and said "Your  so Beautiful and I admitted it to myself the second I first saw you and I'm not gonna deny it, I know everyone is beautiful but you, you take away my breath and you are the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on and will ever lay eyes on" she blushed and turned away from me and I grabbed her hand and she said "Your such a big flirt" she covered her face and I said "Evellyn stop hiding your Beautiful face I want to see it" she finally showed me her face and she giggled. "I'm going to get us a drink real fast I'll be right back" I said and she nodded, I quickly ran to the drinks and got us a margarita and went back outside where she was. "Here Mam'" I gave her the drink and she said "Thanks Sir" she dranked it and her face was like she ate something sour. "Wow that was strong" she put the cup down and so did I. I saw her shivering and said "Your cold here take my jacket" I took off my jacket and she said "No No I'm fine" she stepped back and I stepped closer, "No here" I put her my jacket on and she said "Thanks" and I smiled. The song Partition was playing by Beyonce and I said "Want to dance right here outside", "Sure" she took of her heels and we went on the grass and started dancing.



Demi's P.O.V


Me and the girls and guys were looking for justin and evellyn and spotted justin them outside talking and laughing. We his just so they wouldn't see us and we saw them dancing to the song beyonce. "Jaden quick tell the DJ to play a slow song" I pushed him and he said "Alright" he went over to tell the DJ to play a slow song and the DJ actually played a slow song. Miley and Ariana took put their phone to record them.


Justin's P.O.V


We were dancing then the next thing you know a slow song starts to  pass. Me ands evellyn look at each other and I said "Can I have this dance" she bended down a little and said "Well of course you can" we both giggled. Her hand was on my shoulder and my hand was on her waist. We looked into each others eyes and I immediately got lost into her light brown eyes. My eyes went on from her eyes to her lips,  I leaned in closer and our lips were only half an inch away. I slowly start moving closer.



Evellyn's P.O.V


We were so close to each other and he started leaning in and so did I, then It started pouring rain. We let go and i grabbed my high heels from the ground and he grabbed my hand and we both started laughing and ran inside jaden house. We saw the guys and the girls and we stopped laughing and we let go of eachothers hand. They all stared at us and smiled and so did I "well I have to go" I started taking off the jack and justin stopped me "No keep it and no trading backs" he smiled which caused me to. "Well ok then bye guys and justin"



Justin's P. O.V


she waved goodbye and left. I turned to face them and they all started throwing questions at me. "justin omfg what happend", "Did you guys kiss", "are young guys together" they all said at the same time. "No  were not together and no we didnt kiss but we almost did" I smiled and they cheered. "Well I have to go but can you guys do me a favor" I looked at them and the nodded, "So tomorrow I plan to ask Evellyn out" they all stood their shock and were happy for me. I told them the plan and went home and called a few people to help me with the plan. I went to sleep with evellyn In my mind and how tomorrow was gonna be the day.

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