Evellyn is the biggest female celebrity and the girl every guy wants. So what happens when justin and Evellyn become Best Freinds. But what happens when justin starts falling in love with her will she fall in love too? Is it love at first sight?


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Evellyn's P.O.V

We had just got back from bowling and me and the girls were watching t.v at 2 in the morning. Miley faced me and smiled "Huh I said "Well I was thinking that we got to the boys bus and give them tattoos, what do you guys say" Demi and Ariana faced Miley and nodded their heads. "Sure" Miley jumped up and I giggled. We searched for some sharpies and our luck we found some in the cabinets, as we were heading out the door Ariana stopped us "Do you think they are asleep" she had a concerned face on and I said "Pretty sure it's 2:30 in the morning unless they are watching por..." I was cut off by Demi "eww no" we all laughed and tip toed to their bus. I slowly opened the door and all the lights were turned off so that must mean they were asleep. I turned on the flash from my I phone and found their rooms the girls followed behind me and I took off the cap from my sharpie and found justin in his bunk bed and he looked so cute sleeping. I slowly started writing on his right hand and on his six pack because he sleeps with no shirt on, I tried my hardest not to Laugh and not make any noise. I looked at the girls and Miley was drawing Jaden a mustache and wrote Twerk on his hand and a smiley face. Ariana drew hearts and flowers on Alfredo and Ryan, Demi drew Chaz a Barbie on his arm. I decide to draw Za a crown on his cheek. We quickly got out of their bus and we all burst into laughter. "We are soo Amazing" Demi said between each word she said. We got inside our bus and started laughing more, "I can't wait to see their faces in the morning" I said going to my bed. "I can't wait either" Demi and Ariana said at the same time. "That was so fun well I'm going to sleep because tomorrow were in L.A baby" she raised her hand in the air and I giggled. We changed into our pajamas and brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

Justin's P.O.V

I was sleeping and I woke up and I was in a huge fancy hotel, I pushed my messy hair back and I noticed I was naked. I quickly found some basket ball shorts and immediately smelled bacon, I got out of the room and saw a girl cooking she was wearing the hotel robe and she looked so sexy in it but only her back was facing so I couldn't see her face but she seemed very familiar Evellyn I thought to myself. I went up to her and wrapped my hands around her waist and she said "Morning Babe", "hmm Morning" I rested my chin on her shoulder and she turned around and hugged me, she smelled soo good. She let go of the hug and set two plates on the table, I checked her out from her legs all the way to her boobs. I guess she noticed because she came up to me and wrapped her hands around my neck and then our lips almost touched. then I woke up.

It was just a crazy dream but one of the best I've ever had, I got out of my bed and saw the guys were still sleeping I went into the bathroom and did my business and washed my hands after and looked in the mirror and saw my chest was written on and it said: Evellyn is my sexiest babe and I love my Bae Ev and it had hearts all over. My write hand was written too it said I love Evellyn. I knew it was her that wrote it I know her hand writing everywhere. I got out of the bathroom and the boys were awake, they started laughing because they saw the tattoos and I looked at them and saw Jaden had a mustache and I laughed and said "You guys should see your selfs" they all had a serious face and rushed to the mirror. "Justin wtf did you do" Alfredo touched his hands, "Dude i didn't do shit" I said laughing a bit."I look like a Unicorn threw up on my hands" Ryan said. "Who did this" Za said, "The girls" I mumbled. "We should get them back" Jaden rubbed his hands together. "Ok here's what we will do" I whispered them the plan and they agreed on it.

Evellyn's P.O.V

I woke up and stretched and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I went into the mini kitchen and grabbed a water bottle, I guess I made too much noise because the girls woke up. "Hey" I said, "Hey" they all said sleepy. "Do you guys think the boys found out about their tattoos" Ariana looked at me, "Hmm not sure" I shrugged. "You guys know they are gonna get revenge right" Demi sat on the couch. "Yeah I know" I smiled and they were confused. "Expect the unexpected" I peaked out of the window and saw justins big head but he didn't see me. "So justins outside so they must be on their game already" I giggled and they had a scared look on their face. "Ok so you guys sneak in the back of the bus but make sure they don't see you and here take these" I gave them some pies that had whip cream on them that the bus had, "what about you" Ariana asked. "Don't worry about me and throw those at Justin only Justin and call scooter and bring him in the back of the bus"I said and they smiled and left in the back of the bus. I peaked again out of the window and saw jaden, Chaz, Ryan, Za, Fredo and justin and they all had 1 water balloon each. Scooter came in the back of the bus and said "What's up Evellyn", "Uhmm I just wanted to tell you if you wanted a nice warm cup of coffee", "Sure" he said and I went into the kitchen and made him coffee and gave it to him, "Here", "Thanks" he took a sip of the coffee and said "this is good you should make coffee all the time" I smiled. "So what was it that you wanted to tell me" he sipped more of his coffee. "I wanted to talk about the tour" I said and then there was a knock on the door. "I'll open it" scooter got up and opened it and he got fired with 6 water balloons.

Justin's P.O.V

I knocked on the girls door and positioned myself. The door opened and we threw the water balloons not even paying attention to who we threw it at, but apparently it was scooter. He was soaked wet and was holding a cup. "Justin" scooter yelled angry, "Uhmm yes" I said. Evellyn came out of the bus and smiled at me, she is so. "Justin" Demi, Ariana, and Miley said, I turned to look at them and they threw pie at me. "Surprise" Evellyn shrugged and half smiled. I had whipped cream and pie on my face and shirt and I took of the whip cream off my face and everyone laughed even scooter. "Sorry bieber" Evellyn said, "it's fine Ev" I said and walked closer to her. "I forgive you hug" I opened my arms for her to hug me and she had a scared look on her face. "No" she said, "Yes" I said mimicking her. She tried to run but I grabbed her hand and hugged her and spinned her around. "Bieber" she said a little angry, "Carter" I said smiling and everyone laughed. "You know what Bieber it actually is funny" she came closer to me and our faces were only an inch apart and she whispered in my ear "You definitely got me" then she gently bit my earlobe. I was in complete shock, I was frozen and felt goose bumps all over my body. She walked away and said "come on girls" Miley,Demi and Ariana followed behind and they left in their bus. The guys were in shock to and scooter said "she got you now go get ready were almost leaving" I nodded and left with the boys.

Evellyn's P.O.V

I gently bit Justin's earlobe just to tease him a bit, he stayed there in complete shock. Me and the girls left into the bus, "Omg Evellyn what did you do to him" Miley said laughing, I winked and then Demi said "you should've seen his face" Demi said laughing then Ariana. "Well let's just say Im the Queen and If he wants to play a game I'll show him how it's played" I grabbed my towel and clothes and said "Brb gonna take a quick shower". I hopped into the shower and let the warm water hit my body I washed my hair and body. Once I was done I turned of the water and quickly dried myself and changed into some high waisted pants and a short red shirt that showed my belly button. I decided to do my makeup In the bathroom. I put on concealer and I also put on some mascara. I let my hair natural today since it's already straight, I looked in myself in the mirror one more time and got out of the bathroom. "Wow Evellyn where are you going today" Miley said teasing, "back home" I smiled. "Well my turn to shower and you look good" Ariana hurried to the bathroom. "You guys look nice too" I winked at Demi and Miley and Demi said "Girl I always do" she snapped her finger and I laughed. "Guys hungry" I said walking over to the kitchen, "Yeah" they both said at the same time. I grabbed a pan and pancake mix and started making some pancakes, I put the pancakes on a plate and settled them on the mini table and said "Pancakes are ready" I screamed and Miley and Demi ran to the kitchen. They grabbed a plate and Miley grabbed 3 pancakes out of the stack and so did Demi. "Wow I guess" I laughed and they began eating, "Omg Evellyn your pancakes our like heaven" she took another bite, "They are their the best I've ever tasted" Demi said taking another bite. "Hahaha what ever floats your boat", "No we are not lying their the best can you make more pwease" Demi said making a puppy dog face, "Fine" I began making some more and then Ariana came "What smells soo good" she looked at the plate of pancakes and said "I want some", "They on their way" I said and she giggled "Yay". I made like 36 so they can stop complaining and out them on another set of plate. Right as I was gonna set them on the table the boys barged in. "Hmm what smells soo good" Jaden rubbed his hands together, "Evellyn's pancakes, they are heaven" Miley said. I set the pancakes on the table and all the boys grabbed some and justin was the last. "Hi" he said as he grabbed one, I smiled and said "hi". "These are soo good you Gotta tell me the recipe" Ryan said. "Haha maybe" I sat down in the couch and ate a pancake. Scooter walked in and said "You guys ready to head back home", we all nodded our heads and he said "well hurry we don't want to miss the plane" we all quickly got up and rushed to get our suitcases. Everyone was outside with their stuff and stood there waiting for the Taxi. The taxi finally came after 10 minutes and we all got in,it was pretty huge for a taxi. I sat next to Justin and Miley. I looked at Justin's hand and he still had the tattoo that I gave him and I giggled "What are you giggling about" justin asked, "nothing" I said and looked away and tried not to laugh. "Tell me" he said, "Fine it's that you still have the markings that I did on your hand" I laughed and he said "Well I'm not gonna lie but they all tell the truth" I blushed and looked away so he couldn't see me. "Awwe" everyone said and Justin smiled, "it's truth I would keep them as a real tattoo" he said and Miley giggled, " aww someone's blushing" Miley cooed. "No I'm not" I covered my face and everyone laughed. I looked up at justin and he winked. "Evellyn is blushing" they all sang which made me cover my face agin. "I'll get you Bieber" I said to Justin. Thank god we finally go there as soon as Miley opened the door I immediately got out. "Finally" I said and everyone laughed.

The private plane was there and the pilot put our luggages a inside the plane and we boarded the plane. I sat down next to the window and Demi beside me then Miley and Ariana in front of me. I took out my phone meanwhile the plane took off, I went on Instagram and checked through my notifications and saw one that scooter tagged me into a photo, I clicked on it and It was a picture of me and Justin covered in the pie that I threw on him and in the caption it said : Sh[E] got Him @EvellynCarter @JustinBieber

I liked the picture and decided to take a selfie since I haven't posted one since a long time, I took a picture of me doing a duck face and put the caption as #goinghome and got Instant likes and comments one of them that I read was : Your so beautiful ❤️ I love you so much @EvellynCarter

I smiled and logged off and went on twitter, I tweeted to some fans and followed more of my Evenerals and favorited some tweets. I saw a photo that caught my attention it was of a collage of me and justin in the ellen show and the photo that scooter took of me and justin covered in whip cream and also when Justin was tickling me and also some photos of me and justin at the concert singing. The person wrote: THIS IS LOVE.

I was surprised, I decided to favorite it and tweet something : #EveneralsAreUnbreakable WE ARE FOREVER 💕

I logged off and turned off my phone and I didn't even realize the plane was already flying. I sighed and looked outside of the window and looked at all the clouds then Miley said "Evellyn are you ok" I looked at her and said "Yeah I was just spacing out" she nodded and went back to talking to Demi and Ariana. I grabbed my earphones and started to listen to music and slowly felt my eyes slowly starting to fall asleep next thing I knew I was sleeping.

Justin's P.O.V

I got up from my chair and Fredo said "Where you going", "bathroom" I said and he nodded and I went into the bathroom.

Miley's P.O.V

Good thing Evellyn fell asleep because that way I can talk to the guys since justin left to the bathroom. I quickly went over to them and we talked about the plan once again. And we agreed on what we were gonna do. I quickly ran back to my seat and told Ariana and Demi again and they agreed.

Evellyn's P.O.V

After about 20 min of sleeping I woke up and saw Miley Demi and Ariana talking. "Hey" I said, "Hey Evellyn" they all said at the same time. "Uhmm Evellyn me and the guys planned to have a sleep over at my house when we get to L.A so what do you say" they all looked at me And I said "Sure" they all jumped up of excitement and hugged me. "What's that all about" I said, "You'll find out later" Ariana said. "Were landing in 10 min so stay seated" the pilot said on the speaker thing. We all sat down and waited for the plane to land

Justin's P.O.V

The boys have been acting strange but I ignored them. The plane finally landed and we all got off and some taxies were waiting for us to get on. We grabbed our suite cases and luckily there wasn't any paparazzi. We all got in the taxi and drove us to Miley's House.

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