My Poems

This is a poem i wrote of when i lost a lot of people i loved and my bestfriend who backstabbed me and this is my first poem so i hope you guys like it.. xx


2. Lullaby

Hearing you sing your lullaby.

Was peaceful like I'm in some place safe and sound.

I felt safe in your arms.

Making me smile like an idiot with your sight.

Your lullaby was the first thing I heard when you first held me.

It was filled with joy and happiness.

The lullaby that you sang came from your heart.

You were the happiest person alive when you first held me.

You made me laugh when I was sad.

Everything was just perfect.

Then I grew I up..

I love you, you love me.

You never got to sing for me anymore..

The smile suddenly disappeared because you were busy with everything.

I missed all the times that we use to be soo happy.

The family has been whole.

Then we moved...

I felt empty without our family being whole.

But I still have you; but it's not the same.

Years has passed.

we could finally be whole again.

Then you sang your lullaby..

It's been a while since I ever heard the lullaby..

I missed that..

I missed us..

I missed the family we once had..

Their still here in our hearts, but it will never be the same without them..

But your lullaby came along.

Making us whole once again.

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