Set Her Free

Harry Styles has known something is wrong with him for most of his life. He's wicked smart and really nice, but people don't hang out with him. He gets called 'gay' on a daily basis, although he doesn't know what that means until third grade. He gets called 'weak' when he plays sports, because he's not good at them. He spends too much time looking at the cheerleaders. But it's not because he wants them. He wants to be one of them.


10. When Harriet Met Luna

A few days after the little date-but-wasn't-really, Harriet outed herself.

Not to anyone her counterpart, the lie, Harry, knew. Of course not. She'd made an account on a chatting website for trans-women.

That was how she met Luna.

She was so pretty. Her hair was a nice, brunette pageboy style. She looked natural when they'd spoken, like she hadn't had the time to put on her makeup yet, but that didn't even matter because she looked gorgeous. Harriet was so jealous.

Luna had been wearing nothing much but a plain little white T-shirt and jeans that made her hips flare out. Harriet had asked for what kind they were, and made plans to get some for herself.

Harriet had dressed herself pretty nicely for the occasion. A simple brown dress that was filled out at the top so she had breasts, with a belt around her waist to help flair out her hips. Her eyeshadow matched her skirt, she wore chapstick, and a tiny bit of mascara. Her hair was freshly straightened, too.

She had also gotten lots of paper to record everything useful Luna told her. Of course, when this chat had taken place was a time when nobody else was home, so Harriet was safe.

After a few compliments on clothes and hair and faces had been given, Harriet had asked Luna many, many questions. And she had answered truthfully, because she said she knew that it was hell to go through this all by yourself.

"How do you make it look like you have hips?"

"Just use tighter jeans and shorter shirts. It also helps if you eat a lot of fruit."

"Alright." Harriet paused to write that down. "So, do you make your face seem more feminine?"

"Oh, sweetie, this will take a while. Do you have an ample amount of time right now?"

"Lots." Harriet had assured, much too eager to make sure.

So, that was a half hour of Luna showing Harriet what she did every morning, which included a tip about eyebrow plucking that apparently made your face look a million times more feminine. Luna was the type of girl that exaggerated a lot, but Harriet didn't mind a bit. She was wonderful.

"Okay, I have two more questions because I think my family might be getting back soon."

"Go right ahead, dear."

"Okay." Harriet fidgeted a little, swallowing nervously. "My first one is, how do you hide your Adam's apple without surgery? I can't pay for the surgery stuff yet."

"You just use a bronzer on your throat. You might want to cover the whole front, just to make sure it blends in pretty well. You have nice skin anyway, so it'll help even more."

"Okay." Harriet copied down that tip.

"And your other question, Harriet?"

Her heart fluttered. How much better that sounded.

The girl stood up, shaking out her hair and tipping the laptop screen so Luna could see all of her.

"I need you to be honest with me, Luna."

"Of course."

"Do I..." Harriet gave a slow twirl. "Do I pass?"

There was a moment of anxious silence as she watched Luna consider.

"You do, sweetheart, I think you do." Harriet internally cheered.

"But you might have to try a little harder for the people who actually know who you are; so when you want to go out, you aren't recognized. Use the tips I gave you, look up some more makeup tutorials. Try some fashion you wouldn't normally try, and see how it works. I recommend using wigs, too, but your pretty hair is wondrously long already."

"Okay. Thank you, Luna, thank you so much."

They exchanged numbers, too, just to help Harriet if she ever needed it in an emergency. Luna said she was there for her twenty-four/seven.

Luna said the next time they video-chatted, she would make sure that Harriet meet Teri-Lynn. Teri-Lynn was Luna's roommate and whom she had turned to when she was transitioning. They'd said goodbye and Harriet hung up.

She took a breath.

She passed.

She passed.

She passed.

And now she knew how to pass even better. Luna was a gift to her.

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