Set Her Free

Harry Styles has known something is wrong with him for most of his life. He's wicked smart and really nice, but people don't hang out with him. He gets called 'gay' on a daily basis, although he doesn't know what that means until third grade. He gets called 'weak' when he plays sports, because he's not good at them. He spends too much time looking at the cheerleaders. But it's not because he wants them. He wants to be one of them.


9. The Perfect Date-Which Includes Your Three Other Friends And Someone Who Isn't Even Interested In You-Part 2

After that fiasco, they went on with their outing. Liam and Niall crammed into Liam's tiny car, and Zayn took the offer to ride with Louis and Harriet. As long as Harriet got shotgun, which she did.

The car ride itself was pretty normal. They'd talked for a while, just saying how they'd enjoyed the food and everything. Eventually, Zayn had retreated into his phone and Louis had turned up the radio. He and Harriet had sung along. She had been able to match the girl's voice in the song without anybody noticing. It was that loud.

Or so she hoped her voice had been hidden.

But now, they were at the movies, so if either boy noticed they didn't have the opportunity to mention anything without sounding a bit odd. Zayn, Harriet, and Louis each got out and padded towards the 'Wonderful Theater'. It was really called that. Holmes Chapel business owners were so lazy.

They met up with Niall and Liam in the ticket line, where they were bickering over whether to see the new 'Star Trek' film or 'Now You See Me'. It appeared that Zayn wanted Star Trek as well, siding with Liam, and Louis wanted 'NYSM' with Niall. Harriet was to be the deciding vote.

She hated moments like these. Mainly because it seemed like it would happen like that in the future, only with a much different concept.

Her real self.

When-and yes, that would be when, not if- she came out to them and revealed who she was inside, for she knew she couldn't hide from them forever, she could see it being the exact same way. Two of the boys on two sides. Two were accepting, and the other two opposed. In this situation, since Harriet had chosen 'NYSM' and as Zayn had just revealed his secret acceptance, he felt that it would be Zayn and Louis.

Chill, level-headed, artistic Zayn, whom she'd only met because of the latter boy.

Mischievous, bright, rule-bending Louis, whom had been her best friend since she was a child.

The opposition had just proven themselves today. Moving on.

They all walked into the loud, popcorn-scented theater together. Another argument ensued between Liam and Niall. Niall wanted the largest popcorn for the long movie, but Liam wanted the smallest because apparently he was paying for them all.

It seemed like Liam and Niall bickered a lot these days.

That one had been finished when Zayn stepped up and bought Niall's popcorn for the penniless boy and a drink for himself. Louis wanted candy, Liam still wanted that small popcorn, and Harriet didn't ask for anything. She had lied and said something about not wanting to mess up her freshly-whitened teeth, but really she was watching her figure. She thought that if she got her stomach to be a bit flatter it might make her seem like she had hips.

They proceeded into theater number nine, where the place wasn't all that packed. The only other people besides them was an old woman who was alone and two teenage girls. Harriet watched them with interest, making Niall nudge Louis and nod at the curly-haired one. Louis had snorted and stage-whispered that she had the hots for those two.

But she didn't.

She was simply girl-gawking.

It was what she had coined what she did. It wasn't anything bad, or anything creepy, though it might have appeared that way. She just watched girls to get a better sense of how she was supposed to be when she finally became who she was inside. She memorized their general mannerisms, the way they giggled and blushed (just like her), the way that they put makeup on, the way that they checked out guys. She'd watched so many other girls over the years, she could perform it and be very convincing.

In her opinion.

What she needed was an outsider's point of view.

But there was nobody here who was trustworthy enough, not even Louis.

Now, these girls did look very pretty. Harriet could see that one of them had her blond hair in a bun, and the other had curly hair-that looked extremely like her fact, that girl nearest to her looked very much like her.

She had curly hair like her, pale skin just as she did, shiny green eyes that mirrored hers. Her tummy even looked flat in her pink shirt, and she was wearing a skirt just like the bum-flattering one Harriet herself had! Only this one was a brown that matched the shirt better. She silently approved of her choice.

Was this a sign that she could be what she really wanted to be?

She shook it off once the opening credits of the film came on.

She was seated between Louis and Niall in their little group. Liam was on Louis' other side, and Zayn was opposite Niall. Pretty soon, Harriet had gotten pretty interested in the film and managed to ignore the constant sparks she felt when she and Louis accidentally nudged their feet together. Although, on Harriet's part, it was no accident.

Midway through, Harriet had decided she was getting a bit sleepy and put her head on Louis' shoulder. She saw the older boy glance at her, but she was otherwise ignored. She took it as a good sign and smiled a bit, staying that way because wow Louis' shoulder was pretty comfy.

"Aww." Niall cooed from beside Harriet, reminding her that she wasn't alone with Louis.

Damn him.

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