Set Her Free

Harry Styles has known something is wrong with him for most of his life. He's wicked smart and really nice, but people don't hang out with him. He gets called 'gay' on a daily basis, although he doesn't know what that means until third grade. He gets called 'weak' when he plays sports, because he's not good at them. He spends too much time looking at the cheerleaders. But it's not because he wants them. He wants to be one of them.


20. The Four Days Harriet Had To Get Ready

Over the course of the few weeks, Harriet's journal had gotten quite decorated. She'd hidden cute little stickers inside of the covers, even putting little hearts wherever she'd written Louis' name. Shut up.

"You'll always have me if you need me," Zayn had assured her. "But I just think it's necessary that you at least try to see how far you can get with them."

So Harriet had used three days to try and see how she could get with them. It was only her sister and her mother, as she felt sure that she could never tell her stepfather. She just didn't want to go there.

Harriet had recorded the following in her journal.



Mum: She said that she and Gemma were going to have a 'girl's day out.' Asked if I could come. Seriously.

Gemma: See Mum.


M: Gave me a strange look but shrugged and said, "Why not?" (Bonus, I got a super-cute pair of skinny jeans. Snuck a bit of makeup, as well!) +

G: Laughed at me but suggested that she fix my hair in the car on the way. +

Love, Harriet



Mum: Went up to her and asked what she thought of my outfit for the day, which happened to be those skinny jeans and a more feminine-looking shirt.

Gemma: Asked if I could borrow some of her cream. ('For acne' was my cover-up.)


M: Said I looked really cute. +

G: Didn't even bat an eyelash as she handed it to me. +

Love, Harriet



Mum: asked if I could borrow her makeup

Gemma: asked if I could borrow her top


M:laughed. -

G: gave it to me. +

Love, Harriet

She was saving Thursday to get her costume together. God knows she needed the whole day, she would have such a hard time trying to pick what to wear.

She was getting closer and closer.

Her stats on money were only improving as the days went on. She got the same amount of money as she did on the first day. As of right now, the past two weeks and these three days had passed, her current total was:


£40,200-£1261.40= 38,938.60.

Yes, she was getting closer.

But still so far away.

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