Set Her Free

Harry Styles has known something is wrong with him for most of his life. He's wicked smart and really nice, but people don't hang out with him. He gets called 'gay' on a daily basis, although he doesn't know what that means until third grade. He gets called 'weak' when he plays sports, because he's not good at them. He spends too much time looking at the cheerleaders. But it's not because he wants them. He wants to be one of them.


31. Pain For Her

A month later, Harriet was busier than ever.

School, work, therapy, time with the others.

And now she and Louis were a couple.

Yes. They were an actual couple. Louis let her kiss him, he let her hold his hand in public, all of that. Nobody would say anything to them because, according to Louis,

"We're just a guy and a girl together is all."

She was so damn happy with everything now, it made her feel amazing.

Her mother had kicked her father out of the house. Gemma and her mother accepted her, and she could dress like herself at home now, whenever she wanted. They made sure to tell her if they liked something, such as a top, what she'd done with her makeup, or something along those lines.


There was still quite an amount of trouble on the horizon.

She had yet to get her letter.

Niall and Liam still had no clue.

Most of the people at their school didn't know about her or her relationship.

And she wasn't sure which would be the worst to come out to.

But, there was no time to worry about that, because she had finally gotten herself some of what she needed!

Therapy was nearly finished. She just had to go to a session tomorrow and they would finally give her letter. She had found an electrologist near to them that would operate on her for half the price! As long as she had a parent's permission.

She was letting her hair get longer. It was much closer to her chin by now. When straightened, it ran all the way down to just below her shoulders.

Louis had told her dozens of times how good she looked.

Today, the duo were walking along by a park, hand in hand. She was dressed in simple black jeans and a purple top. Louis in jeans and a white top. But that's not important. The important things were the lilt in his voice as he talked to her, the sparkle in his eyes when he looked at her, the warmth of his hand in hers. The little but important things made her heart race.

She was sitting next to him on a bench, her head resting on his shoulder while their hands lay connected against their touching thighs. Touchingtouchingtouching feelingfeelingfeeling lovinglovingloving.

He stood up suddenly, kissing her cheek gently. "I'll be right back, love. I have a surprise." He winked at her before he kissed her hand and ran off. She shook her head fondly after him and sat on the bench, whistling something random.

Her whistling was too loud to notice the breathing behind her.

She was just sitting there, minding her own business, when a large, meaty hand clamped itself over her mouth. Obviously, her eyes widened, and she tried to scream, but it didn't work. She felt many hands on her at once as she was lifted up from the bench and carried away.

Of course, she fought, but it was obvious these were jocks and she was much too small to put up any fight against them.

They arrived in a blocked off clearing. Nobody would be able to see her unless they knew where to look. She was completely and absolutely terrified as they dropped her onto the ground.

Straight on her back.

Onto the thickest damn root in the entire damn forest.

Before she could do so much as cry out, one of them grabbed her by the front of her shirt and yanked her up to his face.

"Faggot." He shoved her into the tree, making her whimper. "Stupid ugly faggot."

"Couldn't find a girl to like you so you thought you'd become one, eh?" Another boy hissed, slapping her so hard her neck nearly cricked. She had tears in her eyes as one of the boys grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back sharply. He didn't let go until she had dropped to her knees.

She didn't know these boys. Why were they doing this to her?

"Please..don't hurt me.." She said softly, pleadingly, before the thickest guy in the group had punched her right in her eye. She collapsed onto the ground, clutching her face as she started to cry. She would surely have a black eye now.

The thickest guy spat on her and left before the other two skinny guys began kicking her.

They too spit on her before they left.

She lay there in tears, a sobbing, broken and bruised mess. She wanted to fucking die.

"Louis..." She softly wept, whimpering. She could hardly see out of that eye now. "Louis, where are you?"

Of course he couldn't hear her.




He didn't find her until late in the night, where she had already passed out. The next hour for him was hell.

Finding her, getting her in his car, going to the hospital, having to be the one to call her mum. They were sitting in the living room together now, waiting for someone to tell them Harriet's condition.

Louis was so fucking scared.

He'd only wanted to get her ice cream. That was his surprise. He had bought her a banana split that they could share. It was in the trash now, long forgotten and becoming some fly's feast.

Louis hid his face in his hands. It was all his fault. Guilt was tearing him apart. He shouldn't have left her. That surprise was the stupidest thing he could have done.

"Ms. Cox?"

Louis looked up.

"You can come see Harriet now."

So they ran up.

She was lying in the bed, a bandage over her blackened eye. They'd said two of her ribs had cracked, but that was the worst of it, thank God. Her torso was pockmarked in several purple, yellow, and splotched green bruises. Apparently she'd twisted her ankle somehow as well.

Louis sighed heavily as he let her mum sit the closet to her. He went around to her other side and gently laid his hand on top of hers, to let her know that he was there.

He prayed to God that she really was okay.

And she was, as she was awake and talking pretty soon.

She'd told the doctors, her mum, and Louis was had actually happened, identified two of the football players, and all of that. Pretty soon, they gave her an excuse off of school for the next three weeks to patch up and she was free to go.

They left with her mum, although Louis was in his car. They went back to Harriet's house and spent the rest of the day watching films on the couch, cuddling, and eating much better ice cream than some cheap banana split.

Until she remembered that she had therapy, everything was relaxed.

She had jumped up and started freaking out. She hurriedly explained to Louis what was going on, and that they needed to go. And after she'd put on shoes, they did.

She gave him directions, and she ran inside. Louis waited for an hour, listening to music and surfing the web on his phone. They had free Wifi.

She came back out and looked like she was about to cry again. Oh no.

Of course, Harriet had told Louis all about her transition, what she had to do, what had to be done, etc. She'd explained the importance of the letter that she needed from here countless times. He knew exactly what was riding on this. She was going to cry for weeks.

Louis pushed the door open for her, looking as upset as he could.

"Babe, I'm so sor-"

There was a paper clutched tightly in her hand.

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