You made me complete

This is another Niall Horan fan-fiction!!! In this one a girl named Kelly Hera, meets Niall only when they are still babies. In the beginning is Kelly's life as a kid with Niall that is her best friend, but as they get older their relationship grows bigger, and more caring than it has ever been before.


6. Stay

Kelly POV

      The boys and I watched a scary movie and I was terrified. I jumped really fats and screamed at one part and they all looked at me I whisperd, "I'm so sorry." Niall then said, "umm scoot closer to me you'll be ok then." I blushed and so I did. Every scary part I hid my head on his chest and I was surprised the first time I did that! It's not like we're dating. We don't like eachother that way. Why would a guy like him like a girl like me. We're just best friends he is just trying to be nice, nothing more, nothing less.

Niall POV

      I was just trying to b a gentlemen. She was scared so I made her comfortable. I only felt bad, she also hid her head on my chest but I know she doesn't like me. All the sudden I hear Louis yell, "Awwwwwwwww!!!!!" I then yelled, "SHUT UP!!! I was just trying to make her feel better." Then he laughs and says, "wrong choice of words!!!! Hahaha feel better huh!" Everyone started laughing and I swear I saw her blush, I'm just imagining things. 

Kelly POV

    It was gettin late but I so didn't feel like driving. Everyone went to bed exept for me and Niall. I I sat up so I didn't have my head on him anymore. I probably should be going though. As I sat up I thought Niall was sleeping but he whisperd, "no, please don't go." I sat next to him and he sat up and it was sort of awkward. He put his arm around me and we laid down and fell asleep. 

Still Kelly POV

    I woke up before anyone and decided I should leave and maybe come back later. I got up and walked outside and got into my car. I finally got to my apartment and opened the door. I made myself breakfast, then I took a shower, brushed my long golden hair, and put on a blue under shirt with a green one on top and a pair of skinny jeans. I sat on the Couch and turned on the tv. I looked at my phone clock and it said 11:00 P.M. I'll wait until I go over later, maybe I'll go at like 2 or 3. I turned off the tv and washed some clothes, Then I practiced singing, then I looked at my phone clock and it said 1:52. I guess maybe I can go over now. I locked up all the windows then the door and left. I got into my car and drove to the boys house. I finally go there and I realized another car was parked in the drive way. It didn't look any of the boys cars.

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