You made me complete

This is another Niall Horan fan-fiction!!! In this one a girl named Kelly Hera, meets Niall only when they are still babies. In the beginning is Kelly's life as a kid with Niall that is her best friend, but as they get older their relationship grows bigger, and more caring than it has ever been before.


7. Not you again

Kelly POV

     Then my nosy side came over me and you wouldn't believe who I saw! It was that girl I know Gabriela! School wasn't that long ago, I'm only 18. Niall is 19. Though since he is always one year older than me. I saw Gabriella flirting with Niall, then..... Then she..... KISSED HIM! Why would Niall let her do that?! Doesn't he remmemeber how mean she was to me? I couldn't take this any more, I had to leave! I turned around real fast and accidentally ran into Louis behind me. He then asked with a confused face, "what's wrong, it looks like you we're crying?" It's to late to say never mind now cause I already started telling him. I finally explained the whole thing to him. By that point I was in tears, sobbing.

Niall POV

    I can't believe this slut just kissed me. I thought she said she changed and she would not do anything to Kelly again. Even though she hasent yet, she cant win me over! I pushed her away and yelled, "GET OUT!!!" She walked out and as she opened the door she yells to me, "bye baby!" I just ignored her and threw myself on the couch. 

Kelly POV

   As Gabriella left i heard her say, "bye baby!" That broke my heart for some reason. It's just because me and Niall are best friends and he is gonna betray me by kissing that slut! I heard Louis whisper, "what the hell?" As Gabriella yelled, "bye baby!" I just ran to my car after that and drove home!

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