You made me complete

This is another Niall Horan fan-fiction!!! In this one a girl named Kelly Hera, meets Niall only when they are still babies. In the beginning is Kelly's life as a kid with Niall that is her best friend, but as they get older their relationship grows bigger, and more caring than it has ever been before.


1. My Life

Kelly pro

    Hi, I'm Kelly Hera! Right now I'm six years old! Ain't that so cool, one day I'll be a big kid and grow up to as tall as a mountin like those basketball players! My Very best friends is called Niall Horan. He is always really nice to me when people pick on me at school cause I have braces on. I got braces on before I lose me teeth cause they are super crooked my mommy said. My mommy's name is Katy. My daddy's name is Josh, so that means I think Mr. And Mrs. Hera! My best friend Niall doesn't have braces right now even though he's teeth are crooked to. One day at school he punched a boy in his fat nose for making fun of me. But then the boy tried to tackle Niall so I just kind of kicked that boy in the balls. The boy fell to the ground not making any knows besides, "ahhhhhh my Nut sack!!!" What I don't get is that he has balls not nuts. But Niall and I just ran after that, at least the boy didn't chase us anymore. There is also this one girl, Gabriella Amber, she is also really mean to me to. I try to be her friend but she don't like me. My Mommy says that people like that don't deserve to be your friend and she also said that one person I'll always have that will never be mean to me is Niall. Nialls mom and my mom were best friends since they were in sixth grade!!! My mommy is 23 right now so sixth grade was a long time ago. Me and Niall always have concerts in front of our mommy's and daddy's! Me and Niall usually sing together. 

Present time but Kelly is seven years old now

      My mommy woke me up in the morning and I took a shower and put a pink dress on and put my long gold hair up with a purple bow on it. It looked so pretty, I walked downstairs and showed my mom then she says, "Oh sweety you look gorgeous!" Then I said back, "yeah!!! I hope Niall likes it to!" Then she just says, "oh honey, Niall is a boy and don't feel bad but he 

might just say no because he is a boy and boy's want to act cool." I just nod my head even bough I'm still going to ask Niall if he likes it. The bus came and me and Niall met on the sidewalk then got on the bus. We both sat in he same seat all he way in the back. Then I said to Niall, "Niall do you like what I'm wearing?" He looked at me and says, "yes, you look really pretty!" Haha my mom was wrong! We got to school and eventually it was Lunch and recess time! I'm in second grade right now since I'm seven! And Niall is to even though he is eight years old. We ate lunch then we went to recces, me and Niall always sat on the swings and sometimes Niall would push me on the swings. He one never to do it to hard though cause I get scared. We do this every single school day! Then all the sudden Gabriela walks over to me and says, "haha your trying to look pretty but your always going to be ugly!" I ran of the swings and sat under the play set where I go when I cry. Niall always know I go there and he always cheers me up!

Kelly pro when she is 10 years old

    Today is picture and I always put on a silver and aqua dress! I look somewhat pretty

I guess! I walk downstairs and my mom complements me on my dress. Me and Niall meet up and he says, "wow your really pretty!" I thank him and go to school, get pictures taken, and also get made fun of my Gabriella, like most days  Niall always cheers me up! 

Kelly pro she is now 13 years old

     Everyday I still have to deal with stupid Gabriella! But Niall is always there for me! I bet he'll be there for me for he rest of his life!

Kelly pro She is now 15

     Me and Niall finally do open sings together at a pizza place all the time now! But Gabriella is always there cheering for Niall but saying boo for me! I go to school and she is flirting with Niall! She actual tried to kiss him! 

Niall pro he is 16 years old

    I have to leave today, who knows how long though. I'm going to try out for the X-Factor, and I'm going to the airport today. I never got the chance to tell Kelly, I'm gonna miss, but I bet I'll come back! 



Kelly pro





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