You made me complete

This is another Niall Horan fan-fiction!!! In this one a girl named Kelly Hera, meets Niall only when they are still babies. In the beginning is Kelly's life as a kid with Niall that is her best friend, but as they get older their relationship grows bigger, and more caring than it has ever been before.


14. Me, in a back alley!

Kelly POV

      me and Niall decided to go for a night walk in the city just me and him. We started walking just on the sidewalk, just talking and joking around. We weren't paying attention where we were walking, cause I looked up from his blue eyes and realized we were in a very dark Alley. W walked to far in we might as wel keep walking. I was shaking and Niall must of realized that cause he pulled me close to him, and kissed my forhead. This  relaxed me a bit and I finally feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and this guy says, "come on pretty lady." Niall grabbed me from that guy and then Niall yelled, "leave her alone!" THen Niall picked me up and ran with me oh of the valley. My head is in his shoulders scared the entire time. We finally got home and Louis walks up to my shaking body and asks, "what happened?!" I tell him quietly then he yells at Niall, "if I was her boyfriend I would've never had her in a alley! She could've died because of you!" I am just frozen at when Louis yelled at Niall. I'm very angry to though! They started arguing and I yelled, "please just shut up, I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!!!" I run upstairs into he bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, crying. After about three minutes, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I didn't say anything then I saw the door nob slowly turn. I sat on the ground and put my head on my knees. Then finally someone walks in and I knew it was Niall. He sat next to me and began to say, "I'm sorr......." Then  I lift my head up and hugged him, very tight. He wrapped his arms around my and hugged me tight to. He then picked me up and into his room, I knew we weren't having sex. He laid me on the bed then laid on it to. It was late, really late aactually. Niall wrapped his arms around me and I turned to face him. We were both gazing into eachothers eyes. Then he brought me closer and kissed my forhead. We both finally fell asleep I was as happy as i can be. We both woke up to the smell of food. Actually Niall woke up, then he woke me up my yelling, "FOOD!!!!" He jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom to change. I went to a drifterent bathroom and cleaned myself up. He gave me a piggy back ride down the stairs as I was yelling, "MARCH NIALL, MARCH!" He then threw me on the couch and ran, I chased him and yelled, " how dare you let a princess fall!" Then I couldn't find him, he must be hiding somewhere. Then I felt arms wrap around my waist and I knew it was Niall. He then said, "oh I would never let you fall, princess." I smiled then ran from him and into the kitchen, Liam was cooking food! Then Liam says, "you and Niall really like eachother don't you?" I shake my head and say, "nope." Niall heard that and he had a tear coming down and Liam was really shocked. Then I say, "I don't like him, I love him." I could see the relief in his eyes and I walked over to him and kissed him. He smiled then we stopped and he wiped away his tears. Liam put all of the food on the table and he called the rest of the boys down. They all came even Louis. Louis didn't talk much but we all did. We finished eating then I started washing the dishes, Niall came over to help me. We finished then I said, "I got go back to my apartment, I'm doing a job interview today." He noded his head and gave me a puppy dog face. I just kissed him and left. I got home and took a shower, put on makeup, put my hair in a bun, and oh really nice clothes on. Then I was off to my interview, I was trying to get a job to be somebody that works with children everyday. I finally got there and walked in and wen for the front desk, the lady there then says, "do you have an appointment?" I then say, "yes I do." She then says, "last name please," I then say, " it's Hera." She smiles and says, "you can go right in miss, Hera." I walked in and sat in the chair in front of this lady's desk.

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