You made me complete

This is another Niall Horan fan-fiction!!! In this one a girl named Kelly Hera, meets Niall only when they are still babies. In the beginning is Kelly's life as a kid with Niall that is her best friend, but as they get older their relationship grows bigger, and more caring than it has ever been before.


9. Is it more than that?

Niall POV

     a couple of days later me and the boys invited Kelly to hang out with us. The past day Harry was really depressed cause his girlfriend broke up with him but he seems better today. It was finally 4:30 and Kelly got here. We all sat down on the back porch an emits talked for a while. We didn't dare bring up the whole nonsense with Gabriella. We have a huge lake in out back yard so it's pretty to stare at. We finally got closer to the lake and we started skipping rocks just for fun. Then we started having contest on who could skip the farthest, it always was Kelly though who could skip the farthest. All the boys went back inside they said for a sec to get a drink. It was pretty long so I jut said, "isn't the sunset pretty! It's just absolutely amazing." She smiled and replied, "yes it's very pretty." I turned to her and so did she do to me and I said, "I'm happy we found eachother again." She noded her head and said, "me to." Then we got closer and closer but then what happened is Louis ran out between us and jumped into he lake with his swim trunks on. Kelly then chased after him and he pulled her in and they both started laughing at eachother. His kind of made me mad, it's not like I'm jeolous. Well maybe a little....

Kelly POV

     It was so funny when Louis ran out here and jumped in, haha he he pulled me in! He one

amazing and funny person! We finally both went under the water and I opened my eyes under water and he was right in front of me. So very close, he was actually even better good looking even closer. Both floated to the top and he was still that close to me, I didn't pull away all I did was splash him in the face! I started laughing and Then I realized he was gone then 

I got pulled under and when I got under and opened my eyes. He was doing the snaps with oh no you didn't type thing where you snap side to side. Then we floated back up and when we did I started laughing! Then I realized all the boys exept Niall and Zayn are in. Zayn and Niall must be inside and talking, oh well.

Niall POV

    me and Zayn were talking while the boys and Kelly were in the lake. I finally Told zayn, "Zayn I think I love Alexis even more then friends though." He looked at me and said, "yeah well I think Louis does to." Then he looked back at the window and watched all of them in the lake. I then said, "yeah I know, when they both went back up from underwater they almost kissed, and then before Kelly was even in the water me and Kelly almost kissed but Louis ran between us and jumped into the lake and hen so did

Kelly." He looked at me and said, " I'm sorry dude." I noded my head and me and Zayn walked back out into the back porch. 

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