You made me complete

This is another Niall Horan fan-fiction!!! In this one a girl named Kelly Hera, meets Niall only when they are still babies. In the beginning is Kelly's life as a kid with Niall that is her best friend, but as they get older their relationship grows bigger, and more caring than it has ever been before.


10. Both!

Kelly POV

      one day I got a phone call from Zayn, so of course I answers it. He said, "Kelly can you come over I have to tell you something important, it's just me though the rest of the boys went to the mall." I said, "yeah sure ill be over in a bit." I hung up and got dressed into a aqua colored tank top on and a pair of skinny jeans. I finally drove over there and knocked on the door, and Zayn answers it and gestured me to come inside and sit down. So I sat and he began speaking, "Ok Kelly when I tell you all of this don't freak out, so listen in case you haven't noticed you've been around Louis a lot lately an do got to admit he likes you say more than a friend but a certain someone named Niall is jeolous and likes you a whole lot to. So Niall is freaking out abou it and he won't stop talking about you, and Louis already thinks he practically has gotten you and that you already like him, so I suggest you make your choice fast because NIALL IS DRIVING ME NUTS, all he talks about is you! No offense but it is annoying!!!" She then tools in a deep breath and she whisperd, "so they both like me?!" I noded my head and she took another big brearth and jut sighed, "ok." I just whisperd to her, "I would pick Niall if I were you."

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