Dark Woods - Trilogy

Riley is an innocent 19 year old girl,who has just moved to Virginia,to a neighborhood full of woods,mountains and nothing there is diverse.
She has moved in with a roommate named Anne,both girls attend UOV, (University Of Virginia) but they don't live in dorms,they don't live in campus: Instead they live in a small but big house,and things are starting to get creepy.
It all Changes one night when she sees them,The five boys that surprise her,she didn't think she would actually have live neighbors.
But when Riley tells Anne about them,and she try's showing them to her,Riley realizes that she is the only one who can see the five boys.
They have come to her to explain that the place and ambient around her,isn't safe..they even say how the house,wasn't just a house...it was more..and it still is


1. Prologue -



The Dark Woods Trilogy,Book 1




The rain clattered on the windows,it was like small rocks being thrown at the glass,with every hit my heart thumped louder. The clouds were grey and a pale mixture of white,there was no river,or lake.It was almost as if this wasn't even a place,more of a twilight zone.


My eyes darted to everything I could find interesting,from the random road signs,to the city welcome board.




Whoa what?


That meant that this place,wasn't popular at all.


The bus made screeching noise,which causes my nose to crinkle,yeah yeah,I was driving in a Greyhound Bus...I had no choice but to stick with the crappy Animals!


I looked out more,forgetting about the bus sound,and gazing off to space.


But my rocket landed soon.


Because something in the way of my eyes had moved,it was dark;shadowy,and my heart began beating like a snare drum... And one of those that get hit hard.


"oh my god" I had no other choice,but to tell myself,and that also explained why I didn't have a seat partner.


The shadowy figure turned around,and it revealed it's face,one words...Hideous.


His head was paler than white,it had purple veins that went across his entire face,there was and huge scar that went from his corner forehead to the end of his lips.


I was caught by surprise when the thing had disappeared,and I'd only turn my head for 3 seconds...


Oh my god...Was That Ghots?!?

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