Dark Woods - Trilogy

Riley is an innocent 19 year old girl,who has just moved to Virginia,to a neighborhood full of woods,mountains and nothing there is diverse.
She has moved in with a roommate named Anne,both girls attend UOV, (University Of Virginia) but they don't live in dorms,they don't live in campus: Instead they live in a small but big house,and things are starting to get creepy.
It all Changes one night when she sees them,The five boys that surprise her,she didn't think she would actually have live neighbors.
But when Riley tells Anne about them,and she try's showing them to her,Riley realizes that she is the only one who can see the five boys.
They have come to her to explain that the place and ambient around her,isn't safe..they even say how the house,wasn't just a house...it was more..and it still is


2. Meeting Anne - 1



Meeting Anne



The bus had stopped just right in front of the new house I was moving into,it surprised me because the house looked small,I was expecting something a little bigger. 


The big coach stopped,and soon I was jumping off the bus,heading for my things.

The ground below was muddy,and dirty,luckily I had stuck to rain boots.

Once my luggage was in my hand clasped,I quickly thanked the driver,and watched as they left.

Which is weird because he isn't allowed to just drop me off out of no where.....I think I bribed him.

My eyes fluttered,as I turned to face the house,it was bricked,there were plants growing on the house,the windows looked sorta big,nothing really intense.

I jumped when the front door when bursting open.

Was that Anne?








wow....she really was pretty.

She had hazel hair that apparently,was tucked in the hood of her raincoat

Her forehead was full of sticky hair.

"Hey!" She greeted me with a tight hug.

"Hello!" I chuckled/ and chocked.

Her breasts had a tighten grip against my chest,causing my lungs to suffocate.

"Oooo! I'm so sorry! I'm just so excited your my new roommate!"she squealed.

Yeah...I could tell she was very VERY,happy?

"It's Ok" I giggled,and we both walked inside briefly after greeting each other.

Wow,Anne really had a sense of style,the house looked amazing,the walls were a light yellow,the smell was great,autumn leaves with honey,she had paintings and pictures of her and her family.

The floors were carpeted,so of course my shoes were flown off at the steps.

But I was just amazed at how the difference was between outside,and inside!

"Wow Anne,this place is amazing! I love it! It's perfect!" My smile showed the emotions I was going for.

"Oh Thank You! I Uh,I really love house that are decorated like this" she replied with a wave gesturing the entire home.


• • • •




My room was just as perfect as the whole house,the bed and furniture I had ordered were nicely settled thanks to Anne,my walls were light/Hazel,the floor was carpet,and just like the front door ,it had that smell of honey with leaves.


"Thank you Anne,really,I really appreciate this,you know this is amazing! Like,it's just great!..I think that we'll last for a bit here" I expressed my honesty.

But it was true,the way she had been friendly and greeted me with a hug from the start,signaled Anne was caring and she had a heart,she liked Tidy and classy...I was so alike.

"Oh your welcome!,feel free to you know,add stars,or different curtain blades,i don't know it's your room,do whatever it is you please...just one thing though,don't break my roof!" She joked.

I giggled at the comment,and nodded in agreement.

"well! I'll leave you to it,uh I'll be in the living room! If you want anything to munch up,there's some leftover ceaser salad,with a small supreme pizza!" She opened the door.



I mouthed "Thank you" and soon the door was being carefully shut.

I smiled,and looked around,entwining my somewhat cold fingers,I was happy to be in a nice heated place where everything looked clean,where I had the freedom to do just anything..sorta.

I loved it all already.

I truthfully couldn't ask for more.

My mouth released a sigh,and I began unpacking.

By the time I had finished,it was about 7:36 in the evening,and my stomach had rumbled halfway through the process.

I was up for some food.

I dusted a bit of air dust off my black sweats,and walked down in some comfy slippers.

The same yummy smell entered my nose,making me feel good.

Hmm....I just figured,how did Anne afford all this?!

All of this furniture and products must've costed a bit of a surprise.

"Hey!" I jumped at the sound of her voice.

My hand flew to my chest,later I was smiling and laughing.

"Oh god I freaked!" My voice was high and alarming.

Anne joined up in laughter "Oh I'm sorry!" She smiled "are you hungry now?"

"Yes" I replied scratching a small corner of my chest.

"Oh Well!...the fridge is right there! Help yourself! But I'm going to sleep! I have to do so many things tomorrow! So I'll see you tomorrow! Night!"

"Wait!" I called out before she could leave.

Her eyebrows raised and her body shifted making her loose jeans swish.

"Thank you!..for everything! Trust me,I'll buy my food tomorrow,I owe you one! But thank you!" I grinned.

i just wanted Anne to know that I was very thankful for what she had done while I was still coming here,Her kindness was something I would die to have,and well...Anne could get along with anyone I imagined..her attitude was simple nice and lovely.

"Oh no! It's ok! You don't need to give me anything! But your welcome! I want you to feel comfortable and don't be shy,trust me,treat me like your wished sister! I'm always here!.."

I smiled showing off the dimples I had hidden for 10 years,I was shy,and I never showed them to anyone,but Anne seemed to have gotten them!

"Ok! Well goodnight then!"

"Night! Sleep tight!" And with that,she disappeared into her room,the door closing echoed the house.

Hmm....And now back to my food!



• • • •




My fork stabbed every piece of lettuce and tomato on the plate,I chewed on the pizza tasting the flavor...Soon I was finished,but I couldn't go to sleep,I had to left my food digest a bit.

I didn't need a pool of salad and pizza on my sheets.

I huffed as my legs walked to a window seat,I layed against the small pillows,and admired the view.

Everything was dark,the grass was invisible,and the only thing I could see was the stars,that were shining like little white dots in the far sky.

My smile stayed on my lips for a while,but then the same reaction I had today appeared again.

"Oh My God" my palm went flying to my mouth.

It was the shadow again.

But it wasn't outside...



It Was Inside.

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