Chloe (You're The One I Want)

Chloe Brighton is the most ignored girl in her school. Her sister Jocelyn, turns every boy on while Chloe turns every boy off. Her only wish is to get her sister's boyfriend to notice her. And mostly, to catch feelings for Chloe.

For it is the one Zayn wants.


1. Rainy Days


I slowly walked down the hallways of my school. I felt so neglected without anybody talking to me. People were laughing, talking and gossiping. Nobody stole a glance at me. The only person who glanced at me was the janitor.

I was never bullied. Just ignored.

I glanced at my crush, Zayn. He was flirting with my sister, Jocelyn. We weren't twins, but she was born the same year as me. He was gorgeous in so many ways, I couldn't help but drool at the thought.

Looking for my locker, the bell rings. I was late for first period... again. I opened my locker and grab all my things quickly. Kids were rushing to their first class. As for Zayn and Jocelyn. They were talking their lives away, while I stood there watching them. Watching them made me feel so jealous and hurt and alone and-

Enough. I was late for English. You know, where the two lovebirds go first.

I trotted to English and took a seat in the back. Everyone was squabbling about Kylee Rob's upcoming party that was happening on Friday. Rolling my eyes, Mr. Pier's came in. "Good morning class..."

"Good morning Mr. Pier." we all mumble.

"Alright. Now let's get out last night's homework which was to write a paragraph about Section 6. Have it out." I took mine out and watch Jocelyn giggle at Zayn. Maybe he told a sexy joke or something. I wanted to be the one who giggled at his jokes. Not watch someone else giggle.

"Your homework, Ms. Brighton."

I looked up at Mr. P. I handed him my homework. "Thank you, Ms. B!" he proudly announced. Everyone looked at me. Even Zayn and Jocelyn.

Even Zayn.

I slumped in my seat, trying to hide my face. Trying to hide the blush that crept across my face when Zayn quietly chuckled. Jocelyn hit him and scolded him not even audible. He looked at her and tried to argue.

My cheeks began to burn.

"Okay! Let's get started!" said Mr. Pier joyfully.


I had been paying attention to Mr. Pier's lecture about how Parliament worked, but what caught my eye was there was a note at the edge of my desk. I opened the note and it said:

Hi :)- Z

Him. I secretly wrote back:


I passed it to Gina, who passed it to Ellie who passed it to Avery who passed it to Zayn. He opened it and read it. He looked over at me, with a slight grin. I sat there motionless. Zayn wrote something back and passed it to me.

I opened it:

Ur Jo's sister?

It was embarrassing to tell I was her sister. But I had to anyway:

Yes. I'm Chloe. :)

Me drawing a smiley face made me feel a bit confident. So, I erased it, making it look like this:

Yes. I'm Chloe.

I passed it over to him. Zayn wrote something back:

Oh. Jo never told me she had a sister. Until now.

That stung. That little bitch hadn't told that Superman that I was her sister? Love you too, sis... I sighed and left it blank.

I passed it over. Zayn got it and crumpled it up. Tears began rising, this was embarrassing. My cheeks went cold knowing the fact Zayn hated me. Jocelyn came back  from the bathroom. She gave Zayn a long, wet kiss. My cheeks boiled, my tongue became dry. I fucking hate her... I hate her!

But I love him, I fucking love him.


The school day passed real quickly. Times like these, I would love to go home. Jocelyn was gone and so was Zayn. I know they were probably making out near the girl's bathroom. But Jocelyn walked out of the bathroom, she was alone. She already had her stuff. And her sunglasses were already on her face.

I grabbed my things and stuffed them into my bag. "Meet you at home," she told me before strutting off outside.

"What do you mean?" I asked myself softly. I slung my bag over my shoulder and followed my little sister.

"What do you mean?" I asked her. Zayn was leaning against his sharp black motorcycle. His black leather jacket was already on. He had sunglasses on too.

My heart was going to beat out of my chest.

He looked....perfect.

"What I mean is, I'll meet you at home. Babe's going to drop me off. Find a ride or something," Jocelyn stated hopping on behind Zayn who was already sitting down. "Catch you later!" And with that Zayn drove off.

Standing alone, rain began to pour. Buckets and buckets of rain fell on me. I was standing alone in the rain.

Soaking wet, I started to walk home.



(A/N: Hey! So this is my second story... hope you like it! :P)




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