Chloe (You're The One I Want)

Chloe Brighton is the most ignored girl in her school. Her sister Jocelyn, turns every boy on while Chloe turns every boy off. Her only wish is to get her sister's boyfriend to notice her. And mostly, to catch feelings for Chloe.

For it is the one Zayn wants.


3. Damage to Her



I rushed down the stairs.

"Where were you?" she asked. She had a can of Pepsi. "Just at the bathroom..." I lied sheepishly. "Ah, well. It took you a while." Jocelyn smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Here this is for you." Jo said handing me the can.


"Thanks." I said, sitting besides her. "No problem, babe." I opened the can and took a sip. She turned my head and smiled. I turned my head away to drink the soda more. Jocelyn decided to be a bitch and take my soda away.

"No, give it back." I argued. "No. Until you give me a kiss." I groaned. "It's always the same thing." Jocelyn rolled her eyes reluctantly. "Who gives a shit? I love you, Zayn. Don't you love me back?" I decided to lie to her and say, "Fine. I do, a lot."

"That's what I want to hear," she whispered leaning in for a kiss. I sighed and kissed her. But this time, my kiss was just light and unenthusiastic. Jo pulled away, looking confused. "What's wrong now?" she pouted.

"Nothing... I'm just... tired and all." I lied to her again. I just wanted to lie my life away to get Chloe to be mine. Jocelyn nodded. "Maybe you can sleep with me?" I chuckled, "I think I want to be in my own bed." We both laughed.


"Alright. See you tomorrow." she said coming in for another kiss. I dissed it and kissed her cheeks.


The next morning, I woke thinking about Chloe.

You know, my girlfriend's gorgeous sister.

There was a little tune playing in my head that made me think of her. A light, fun, frilly tune that made me think even more if Chloe is the one. Because in my eyes, she is. Chloe is nothing like her sister.

She's not slutty, she doesn't want to kiss me all the time. But every time I look into Chloe's eyes, she looks like she needs to kiss me.  She's begging. I know she needs something. But now I'm stuck with that slut Jocelyn, and will probably be forced to marry her.


Don't put that in your head, Zayn.. that will never happen. I hope.

I got up and got myself ready. "Morning Doniya." I greeted happily grabbing an apple. "Hold up, Zaynie. You're never happy. Happy like this," Doniya smirked. "What's going on? Is Jocelyn pregnant? Are you guys engaged? I gots to know, bro!"

I laughed. "No. It's just I met someone. Someone that made my world turn upside down." I tossed the apple up and caught it. Gravity.

I saw that my little sisters were playing outside. "Hey girls! Get inside, you're going to be late for school if you don't get ready!" I said sitting at my motorcycle. The girls quickly gave me a hug and hurried inside.

I put my helmet on and drove over to Jo's house.


After a couple of minutes, I made it to the Brighton household. It opened to Chloe's bright and fresh morning face. But her face was wet. Her left cheek had a giant bruise and her lip was busted. She looked up at me, looked back down and walked away. Chloe hurried away. There was sadness and fright in her dark eyes  when she looked up and I wanted to know what  happened.

"Hey what happened to your sister?"

"Oh nothing. She got hurt. That's all." Jo shrugged.

Jo hurt her.

"Oh ok. Just wanted to know," I said trying to hide the anger in me. "Alright. Be right back. Let me go get my helmet." she said pulling me in. Watching her leave, the anger poured out and I let out a scream.

"Are you ok, babe?"

"I'm fine."


We both arrived at school. Jo let me go and she climbed. I did too. She removed her helmet, letting her dark hair flow out in the wind. Girls (and boys. Weird, right?) gushed that the most popular girl in school had arrived with her boyfriend.


I hated how she showed out how fake she is. She never wanted to be herself. "Hey Zayn," gushed the girls as I walked past them. "Ladies," I greeted them. The girls squealed and went crazy. I groaned softly to myself.


I tried to find Chloe over this large crowd of people and I couldn't find her. Then after passing the science room, I found Chloe. Her head was on the locker and she looked like she was crying.

"Chloe! Chloe!"

She turned her head. Chloe's face was really busted. It looked horrible. And I was right. Her lips was busted, there was a large purple-bluish bruise. Her forehead had bruises too.


Chloe spotted me and ran away. I chased right after her.





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