Chloe (You're The One I Want)

Chloe Brighton is the most ignored girl in her school. Her sister Jocelyn, turns every boy on while Chloe turns every boy off. Her only wish is to get her sister's boyfriend to notice her. And mostly, to catch feelings for Chloe.

For it is the one Zayn wants.


6. Because Of You


The kiss lasted a while.

It was sweet and soft, not dirty and long like me and Jo. Chloe seemed to like it, like it a lot. pulled away and looked at her. "Is that you wanted?" I asked her. Chloe looked away, looking quite embarrassed. She nodded slowly. "I wanted that for a long, long time."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, Zayn."

Her heartbeat was loud enough for me to hear. She was nervous to tell the truth. "What did you want to tell me before your sister called me that day?"

"That I...I have feeling for you. My feelings have been strong ever since I saw you. You dating my sister just made my feelings stronger because I just wanted you so bad. I just didn't know what do. That's why I'm afraid of you."

"Because you love me? You have feelings for me?"

"Yes and  I know it sounds stupid and worthless to be talking to the most ignored girl at school. To be told that the most ignored girl in school has strong feelings that have developed the first day of freshman year."

I gave her a long look. Moments of silence passed.

Tears formed in her eyes. "I-"

"Save it. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I'm pathetic like everybody else does. You take everything that you said. About me being beautiful, my sister being a slut. Take it all back," she choked through tears. Chloe grabbed her bag and stomped away crying.

I felt like crying.

Watching her leave made me feel so empty. Empty and angry.


"Hey, hey Zaynie, how was school?"

"Not in the mood, Doniya." I spat stomping to my room. "Excuse me? But I remembered that when someone says 'hi' you say 'hi' back-" Doniya cried following me. I went into my room.

"Shut the fuck up, Doniya! I'm not in the damn mood!" I slammed my door. Angry tears bursted out as I threw my bag onto the floor. Tears just spilled.

I lost my mind.

Jocelyn ruined the whole fucking thing! If me and her weren't dating, I wouldn't be screaming in my pillow like a fucking 6 year old. "Zayn?! Dude, are you ok?" It was Harry. I opened the door to see him.

"What's wrong, mate?"

"Nothing. Just lost someone." I quivered giving  Haz a hug. He patted my back. "Jocelyn?" he asked. "No. Her sister, Chloe."

"Chloe Brighton? Jo's hot sister?" I rolled my eyes and let go of Harry. "Yes. I thought me and her were going to live happily ever after."

I told Harry the whole thing. "Wow. Sounds like this is your fault."

I smacked Harry in the back of his head. "No fucking dip, Sherlock. Tell me something I don't fucking know." He rubbed the back of his head. "Stop using the f word, Zayn. You have sisters."

"Does it look like I care?! I just lost someone I love, bro! I already love my sisters. They are the ones that make up my family. But I want me and Chloe to start a family of our own. She's perfect." Harry nodded, "She is." I nodded right back not knowing what he meant.


Chloe ignored me the morning. When I came to pick up Jo up, she was already gone. When I saw in social studies she ignored the note I passed to her.

She just ignored me.

We were all heading to our next class when I saw Chloe by her locker. It looked like she was crying. Because she actually was. Her sister was there. She was rubbing her back and comforting Chloe. Jo walked away from her and right passed by me.

"Jo! Is she ok?"

"She's fine." Jo replied still strutting away.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "Why so many questions, babe? She's fucking fine." Jocelyn spat.


A/N: Eh. You can stop playing the music. I have no idea why I put it there if it wasn't going to last that long. :)- Saige





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