When September ends.....

What would you do one day if you woke up to see that the love of your life has just win the x-factor and is now in a world famous boyband ? well this is what happened to Montana whe n Louis left one day and no one told her. Not even Louis.


3. Where is he?

Once I got inside my house I went upstairs and decided to call Louis. I scrolled through my phone and searched for boobear<3. Once I found it I clicked called it started to ring I waited a bit it was still ringing that's weird he always answers when I call. I decided that I should go see him I grabbed the keeps to his house he gave me .


Montana's POV

Louis called me and told me to come over that he had a huge surprise to give me. I didn't know weather to be excited or scared I mean come on I've known this boy my entire life he was crazy at times. I started to walk to his house I  was about to knock on the door but I saw a note (reading note ) Dear Ana, go to the front gate and follow the path of gummy bears watch closely your surprise is under one of the gummy bears. When you find the surprise meet me at my clubhouse. (End of note) I saw the front gate I walked over and opened it and sure enough there was a rainbow of gummy bears I went over to my favorite color and look at the pink gummy bear. There was something shiny underneath it . I picked it up and saw that it was a key with my name in bright neon letter "MONTANA". I started to walk to the clubhouse when I got there I climbed the ladder to get in. Once I was inside I saw Louis sitting there with a big smile on his face and a bowl of pink gummy bears beside him. He looked at me. I started to talk " what is this key for" " this is the key to my house I want you to have it so that If you ever have trouble with anyone or something is bothering. I want you to know that I am here to help." By the time he was over talking I was in tears. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever told me." Thank you Louis you have no idea how much this means to me. I swear I will treasure this forever.".

                  * End of flashback*

 I walked up to his front door I put the key in and walked in. I saw that his sisters were out so I went straight to his room. When I got there I opened the door and walked in something in his room looked different I could feel it then I noticed his closet was open and there was no clothes in there at all. That's weird I thought he was sick of he was then he would be in here on his bed. I decided to look down in his studio. He had a passion for music he always dreamed to become a famous singer. I knew I was holding him back I knew he would never leave me and I hated myself for that. After going through the whole house and finding nothing I decided to give up and call Mrs. Tomlinson. The phone rang and rang but no one answered this is weird they always answered. I decided to give it a break and go to sleep.

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