When September ends.....

What would you do one day if you woke up to see that the love of your life has just win the x-factor and is now in a world famous boyband ? well this is what happened to Montana whe n Louis left one day and no one told her. Not even Louis.


4. Moving on....

               *4 years later*  20 years old

Montana's POV

 Since that day Louis his mom and his sisters phones were disconnected they moved and I have no idea what ever happened. 2 years ago I found out that Louis went to the X-factor and he made it through with these other 4 guys. They are now in the biggest boy band in the world. I decided that I wanted to live in America so I moved here once I was done with school. I work as a model for ADAM the biggest modeling agency in New York.  I was on my way to Starbucks before work. I was walking around in my big sweater and leggings since it was winter I had boots on while I was walking I noticed a big sheet of ice. I tried to walk around it but it was to big so it decided to walk on it I was halfway across when I knocked into some one and fell over. I looked up to see the person that broke my heart and left me completely alone I looked up and saw. Louis. He looked at me and wan about to say sorry but once he realized it was me his eyes were filled him regret and sorrow. " Ana" he question me "yes" I asked ? He asked me if we could talk I told him that I had to make a call. I called Jess " Hey jess" "hey Montana" "what's up"she asked "something came up I this is important tell Alex something came up" "ok" she said "bye" I said and hung up . I had to figure out why he left and never told me why . 

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