When September ends.....

What would you do one day if you woke up to see that the love of your life has just win the x-factor and is now in a world famous boyband ? well this is what happened to Montana whe n Louis left one day and no one told her. Not even Louis.


7. Meeting the boys

                   Montana's POV 
We finished kissing and just kept our foreheads touching. Our order was called, I walked up and grabbed it. I brought it back to the table and set it down. I sat back in my seat and started talking. "You know I watched you ever since I found out" I said his eyes widened " You did " I nodded. "What are you doing in New York any way ?"  Louis asked "I um I ... I live here I am a model for the agency Adam. I moved here 2 years ago " I said "Why did you leave home?" He asked. That's the one thing I have asked myself but I finally realized why ." I couldn't stay there that's where all with you are. It hurt to bad and stay there and me and have always wanted to come to the states." "You left home because of me" he questioned me " It's not you it's the memory of you leaving. That hurt me the most. Jess and I thought it would be good to start over." I faked a smile and held the tears back.

           "Wait Jess is here to " " Yeah she went to work, we live together" " oh my god I missed her so much." He said " but not as much as I missed you". I felt my heart skip a beat. "So what are these bandmates of yours like?" "Shit I totally forgot that's why I came here Niall was hungry. Do you think we could go back to my hotel and you can meet them. I could give Niall his food then. " I nodded and agreed " let me grab him food and then we can leave." "Ok" I said he seemed to be in a rush. We got the food and started to walk towards his hotel. On the way there I asked him  questions . "So what should I expect when I walk through the door?" I asked " Well Niall is probly going to be running around because he has no food. Zayn will probly be talking to Amber, his fiancé. Harry will be out with Hailey and Darian. His girlfriend and his daughter.  Last of all Liam he is going throughout some issues with Danielle." He explained. I started to talk. " I use to have a friend named Hailey she had a little girl named Darian to." I said. I missed Hailey a lot jess and I were really good friends with her she moved away with her boyfriend and we lost touch. 
                     "No way where was she from?" He asked " Dublin" I said. His eyes widened at what I just said. "I think we are talking about the same Hailey" he said by that time we were already walking through the doors of a beautiful hotel lobby. It had a grand stair case that was about the width of a school bus.  The front desk was covered in little sparkles all around the edges and the- I was cut off by Louis talking to me. "Ana you in there hello? He questioned me " yeah I just can't believe how beautiful it is in here." I said astonished by the beauty . He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the elevator. When we got in there Louis started to jump up and down and make it shake I started laughing at how childish he is that's what I missed the most about him. He never did care about what people thought of him. I noticed that the elevator ride was taking a long time. "Where is your room exactly?" "We live in a penthouse on the very top floor." "Oh"  was all I said. We arrived at the top floor and started walking down the hallway towards a white door. We got to the door and Louis knocked because he forgot his key. A tall brunette opened the door for us his eyes were all red and puffy I guessed this was Liam. Just by the way he looked unhappy and how Louis told me one of his mates were going through a hard time. He said hi to Louis and then looked at me "Hi I'm Liam and you are" he asked "I'm Montana but you can call me moni or Ana." "Well it's nice to meet you moni I am just going to head back to bed." Liam replied " If you ever need someone to talk to lili I am always here. " I said he looked at me and gave me a hug in which I hugged back . I had a feeling we were going to be close. Just as we let go i noticed Louis was gone. Liam went to his room. I looked for Louis while I was doing this I saw a blonde run up to me and talk " hi I'm Niall and you must be the woman that brought me food" I looked down at my hands and sure enough there was Starbucks there. "Yes, you must be Niall Louis told me you needed your food and I'm Montana. You can call me whatever you want." "Ok I will call you .... Um princess. Yeah that's it . " "um ok but why?" "You brought me food in my book you deserve a crown for that." "Awh thanks I call u nini" we hugged and i went to find Louis when I heard a baby crying. No one was moving so I went and followed the sound I opened the door to see a baby girl crying this must be Darian. I went over and picked her up and started to sing to her.

"I've waited a hundred years,but I wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for the privilege of being your could do
If I had only felt the warmth within your touch" 

I was cut off by a cough. "Um who are you?" I turned around to be standing by a curly haired boy in sweats and a hoodie. " I'm Montana I'm with Louis. You must be Harry I heard her crying and I didn't see anyone moving soo came in here to calm her down. I know I should of asked or told someone but I rushed to see what was wrong with her." "Oh no your fine I can never get her to stop crying I just didn't know who you were." He replied "oh yeah" "how did u do that " he asked "do what" I replied. "Get her to stop crying so fast." "Oh that well i just started singing to her and she stopped". He looked amazed "how come I never thought of that " he questioned him self " usually Hailey is the only one that can get her to stop." Right as he said that a voice came from behind him. "I heard my name " she stepped I. The door way of the baby's room and looked straight at me. "Moni is that you " she questioned me . I looked at her and saw a face I. Haven't even in ages "Hailey is that you" I. Questioned. "Yes omg you have no clued how much me and Dari missed you " I put Darian back in her crib and ran over to hailey and hugged her "I missed you guys so much"

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