When September ends.....

What would you do one day if you woke up to see that the love of your life has just win the x-factor and is now in a world famous boyband ? well this is what happened to Montana whe n Louis left one day and no one told her. Not even Louis.


8. Confrontation

Montana's POV
Me and Hailey let go of each other both of us still in tears. "How have you been Moni , and why are you here?" She asked "I live in New York and Louis is an old friend of mine and we were catching up. I have been good but I missed you and Darian I haven't seen you guys in months. How are you doing." I asked I knew Hailey didn't know I lived in New York because we met  again in Doncaster when I was visiting my parents and I had to work there for a while. See hailey was my best friend from grade school then she moved to Ireland because of her dad's work. It killed me inside because she was my best friend and I told her everything except Louis I couldn't even saying his name let alone pour out my heart about him. I started to think maybe it's time I ask Louis if he ever planned on coming to look for me " Hailey I'll be right back I have to ask someone something." I replied I was starting to get nervous I didn't know if I wanted to hear what he had to say. "Ok Moni I'll catch up with you later I have to take Darian to my moms anyway." She replied fast cause Darian started to cry again. I left the room to go find Louis. I found him in the living room talking to Niall. "Louis I need to talk to." I said I was shaking so bad I hope he didn't notice. "Um Niall I'll talk to you later Montana wants to talk to me." He said "Ok but don't hurt my princess she brings me food and If you ruin that I will hunt you down." I giggled " Thanks Nialler." Me and Louis left the room.

We went to his room. I was shaking so bad. When we got into the room I cut straight to the chase. 

"Did you ever plan on coming back to see me?" I was so blunt I needed to know.i was crying by this point.

"I'm not going to lie." He said all I wanted was a yes or no why did he have to drag this out can't he see this is breaking my heart.

"I thought about it all the time Ana I was and still am in love with you. I knew I should of never left you like that you didn't deserve that." He was in tears 

I couldn't say or do anything I was speechless he was in love with me just like I was in love with him. So I did the first thing on instinct I left.

I left him before he could leave me. I didn't want to get hurt again. I need to think about all of this so I went to the only place I feel safe. I went home. To Doncaster. I need to talk to him and only him to know that I should give Louis another chance. 

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