When September ends.....

What would you do one day if you woke up to see that the love of your life has just win the x-factor and is now in a world famous boyband ? well this is what happened to Montana whe n Louis left one day and no one told her. Not even Louis.


10. Catching up

Montana's POV 

We were on our way to Jess's boyfriends apartment I can't wait to catch up with her I have missed her so much. I guess we were here cause Jess opened the door for some odd reason this room looked so familiar. Then it clicked this is Louis's apartment why would Jess bring me to his apartment she didn't even know about me and him I never told her I was about to ask her why we were here when Niall came running towards us. 

" Baby I have missed you so much" he sounded happier than ever to see her.

" I missed you to walle"  they were both in tears then it finally clicked Jess is dating Niall 

"Niall I want you to meet my friend Montana I use to know her before I got cancer" she said it still sounding so calm 

"I already know Montana she's and old friend of Louis's" he said I just stood there awkwardly

"I have to tell the boys your here they have missed you like crazy" he said running upstairs 

"Wait Jess I thought you lived here why do they miss you?" I didn't want to intrude but I was curious 

"Oh see ever since I was diagnosed I have to fly to England for a couple months to get treatments and I just got off my plane before I ran into you." He explained

After she said that we heard a lot of footsteps coming down the stair and it was all the boys running towards Jess they looked so happy like they were gonna cry. "JESS" they screamed at the top of there lungs. They hugged her tight. 

"We have missed you so much" Liam started to cry. 

"Cupcake I love you" Harry started to get down on one knee and was crying 

"Guys it's okay your purple people eater is fine and has finally returned"  Jess screamed and    then looked around and started to get really sad 

"Where is my boobear at did I do something wrong he's always the first one down the stairs when I get back from England" she started to cry the. She ran up stairs 

Jess's POV 

Why didn't my boobear come down here to see me did I do something wrong. I ran up the stair to find him I hate making people sad or mad at me. I went to his door and walked in. 

"Did I do something wrong boobear do you hate me or something ? " I questioned 

"Jess when did you get here, why would you think I'm mad at you. I could never hate my Queen. Im sorry I didn't come running like I always do but I Just got someone back in my life and then they left again."he croaked 

"It's fine sass master but you know what they say if you love something let it go if it was meant to be it will come back now come over here and give me a hug and come down stair I have really big news to tell you guys and I want you to meet my old friend." I said I was so nervous. To tell them it's going to kill them.

Louis and I walked down stairs well not really he was giving me a piggy back ride while I was screaming "Peasants get out of my way". 

I am going to miss this so much. When me and Louis got to the living room I made him put me down. I told everyone to sit in a circle and listen cause I have some really important news. 

Montana's POV 

Jess just told us all to sit in a circle in the living room so that's what we did she sounded very serious I was starting to get worried. 

"Guys I have some really big news to tell you and I don't want you to freak out. Okay" she said sounding very unsure of us. 

"The doctors told me that the cancer has been getting worse. They said that it has been growing and that it's only a matter of time. I asked them if I had a set amount of time left and they told me I have about 1year left until the end of September next year." She sounded so calm 

I watched as the most famous boy band in the world broke down in to utter tears. I didn't even notice I was crying. 

"Where did Niall go?" Jess said she looked really worried.

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