Poem Collaboration

Just a collection of random poems I've written throughout school.
Read to your own pleasure!


2. Band Poem - I Am From Poem


 This type of poem focuses more on descriptive writing. You're supposed to use imagery and details when writing an I Am From poem. Mine was about band, or, really just drumline. 


 Band - I Am From

I am from cleaning with axle grease and lighters  

Old, scuffed black rims and slightly dirty white heads

Very sticky tape, small screws, and shiny keys

Colorful sticks and fairly rusty harnesses


I am from loud booms

Anywhere from p to fff

Sharp gaks, soft clicks

Some parts even sound like a bee buzzing


I am from "Narnia" and "The Magic Wardrobe" 

My second family/The seven dwarfs

Crazy, hilarious, sometimes awkward

Exit Buddies, friends, djs, musicians


I am from a place where music is life

It helps us push through anything 

Bohemian Rhapsody and Don't Stop Believing 

I'm home and I'm where I want to be 

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