Revenge Of The Nerd

" She's Such A Nerd Why Do people like her Exist?!" Some Cheerleader screeched.

Hi, My Name Is Pricilla Lane And This Is My Story About How I Get Revenge On All The Preppy Cheerleaders And Beat Them In Their Own Game. Maybe Even Date? Hm...Maybe That's going too far...But someone is catching my eye.

Watch out Cheerleaders, Someone Is about to knock you off the charts.

Revenge Is Sweet.


4. Chapter 1. This Is Enough, Time For A Change.

"This Saturday We Are Giving You A Make-Over! I'm am sick and tired of what they are doing to you! And all you can say is that your fine! Did they see what they did too you back there?!" Jewl's yelled and shook my shoulders.

"Yes I Saw! I was the one being beat up!" I yelled

Here let me tell y'all what happened...



"You dirty slut! you don't deserve to be here!" Kirsten snarled and slapped me.

"Go Die In A Hole!" Layla screamed.

Trevor came up to me and pushed me up against my locker an punched me a couple times.

"S-Stop...Please..." I whimpered.

"Aww L'il Nerd trying to tell me what to do?" He chuckled and slapped me an kneed me in the stomach, making me fall too my knees.

The last thing I remembered was Trevor standing above me smirking and a whole bunch of laughing.


" Didn't Seem Like It! This Weekend Meet Me At The Mall. " She Said And Stormed Off As The Bell Rang.

*Sigh* This Will Be Quite An Interesting Weekend... Only two days away.

*Snicker* "Hey! Nerd! Shouldn't You Be In The Library. Where You Belong." Jack Said And A whole Bunch Of Cheerleaders Snickered.

On Second Thought....I Cannot WAIT Until Saturday.


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