That girl

hey, my name is arabella. and this is the story of what really happened between me and harry styles.


3. reaction.

"my son?" he questions.
"yes harry...hes your's...your the only person ive slept with and he looks exactly like you..." i say.
"ill be over in 2 minutes stay there, dont move...let niall in when you see him..." he says.
"ok, i love you harry" i say

he hangs up the phone as soon as i hear his car engine start then i know hes actually know hes on his way too my house and soon i get really nervous...what if he doesnt want too see liall? what if harry just doesnt want anything too do with his own son...all the worst things come to mind...

five minutes later niall and harry arrive at my door...niall with a boquet or flowers and some harry with just a suprised look on his face....
"arabella please open up we have alot of talking and catching up too do if you dont know what i mean so please hurry its quite cold out here its fall!" harry says

"what are you talking about mate? why in such a rush?" niall asks.
"she had a baby and didnt tell me he was mine up until maybe two minutes ago..." he says.
"o h m y g o d." niall says.
i let them both in...liall is upstairs in his crib and i tell them too both go sit in the foyer and to relax. i go upstairs to bring liall down. i clutch him too my chest and pray that harry will see him and actually want him...

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