That girl

hey, my name is arabella. and this is the story of what really happened between me and harry styles.


2. liall

i wake up too the sound of liall humming, what a sweet sound. It is one of the best sounds too wake up too in the morning...thats the best thing he got from his father...a voice.
"come here babe" i say.
i walk over too his crib and pick him up, and carry him downstairs. when we reach the kitchen i put him down in his high chair and go to get his milk from the fridge when i hear my phone buzz in my pocket.
"hi babe, i miss you" the husky voice says.
"is this harry?"
"yes, what are you doing love?" he says with what i can tell, a smile on his face.
"when are you coming home? we really need too talk about something and theirs someone i would really like you to meet..." i say.

"i'm actually outside...liams apartment and nialls on his way down to your house now so whatever you need to tell me you can tell me now because im kinda in a rush and we just got back to england but ill gladly stop by if you need me too..." he says.
" need to come see him...." i say sadly.
"see who?" he asks in a long slow voice...
"your son...."

"oh my god..." harry says.

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