That girl

hey, my name is arabella. and this is the story of what really happened between me and harry styles.


1. introduction

at the age of seventeen i never though i would of been a teen mum, but now i couldnt imagine my life without my son liall. liall is an amazing 2 month old little boy who looks so much like his famous father, harry styles. he has curly brown hair and blue eyes...the blue eyes come from my side, he has harrys nose, and eyes, and the rest of harry and i's features thrown together. when i had liall i didnt know what i was going too do....i wanted to be the best mum i could be for liall and i wanted for him to grow up in a normal family that loved him. no one will love him more than me....because harry doesnt even know about him...harry was never there through out the whole thing and he wasnt there too see him the first day he came home because hes too busy with his own life and his tour...which i understand...i wouldnt want harry too give up one of his biggest dreams...but i also dont want liall to grow up without a father...i want harry there too teach him how too ride a bike, how to swim, fish, throw a football. theres no one else in this world that wants harry in his life more than i do. i had too move away from where i used to live just too keep liall out of the public eye because the paps know who i am but i sort of went MIA when i found out i was pregnant with liall. i dont want liall to grow up with cameras in his face, i want him to have a normal life like i did. anyways let me explain my story better....sit back, relax, and get comfortable because we may be here for awhile.

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