That girl

hey, my name is arabella. and this is the story of what really happened between me and harry styles.


4. harry.

so long ago i never thought that i would be a good dad...but when i saw liall i knew i wanted too be there for him and be his hero and teach him right from wrong.

"why didn't you tell me about him Ara?" i ask. 

"i didn't want you to be like, "oh, he couldn't possibly be mine and everything." arabella says.

she hands liall to me and i sit down in a chair and just stare into his eyes...he has sea blue eyes just like his mother, my dark curly brown hair and long fingers like me. hes so beautiful. i cant believe we made him together that night...i get up carrying liall and go over to arabella and hug her. 

"thank you" i said. 

"what do you mean thank you harry?" arabella questions.

"thank you for giving me a chance too see my son, im going to be the best father there is, but im still sort of upset you didnt tell me about him until now..." i say

"i didnt want you to have to quit touring, i didnt want you to give up what you love most and honestly i didnt want you too question his existence." she says with a tear falling down her cheek.

i go to wipe the tear away and she looks up at me...

"im really sorry harry, you know i didnt mean too keep him from you...i just wanted what was best for him, i want too give him the most normal life a little boy could have." she says. 

"arabella, with me nothings going to be normal...the press is going to find out about him and then there going to have questions and hes never going too be me...i want whats best for him too im his father for crying out loud" i say.

"promise you'll never leave him all alone, dont just abandon him like my dad did.." shes says. 

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