Dear mom



1. This is the only chapter

 Dear mom today was my first couple hours on earth and I can already see it's a cruel place to be.


 Dear mom why is this man holding me? Who is he? Do I call him dad? I don't know him, but I love him.


 Dear mom happy first Mother's Day, I ran out of paper so I just drew on the wall instead.


 Dear mom why does dad have to leave us, don't he know he has so much to teach me?


 Dear mom today was my first day of high school, it was stressful, violent, I have no clue how to work through this.


 Dear mom, I went to see dad today, I found out the most shocking thing, he's a alcoholic, do I do this to.


 Dear mom, I got back my math test, you guess it a big fat f.


 Dear mom, I'm sorry for making you cry, I never meant to start a hatred between us.


 Dear mom, I move out on my own today, I can't wait to go have my first drink.


 Dear mom, I heard you weren't doing good. Do you want me to stop by?


 Dear mom, why are you ignoring me, it was years ago, how many times do I have to say sorry.


 Dear mom, I heard you got your test results back today? You have lung cancer, ill see you soon.


Dear mom, why won't you speak to me? I thought you loved me, I made mistakes, I'm sorry.


Dear mom, I visited your grave today, I brought you flowers to.


Dear mom, today was the day of my wedding wish you where hear.


Dear mom, I bring home my son today, his name is Marcus.


Dear mom, I guess you where right, life is full of disappointments.


Dear mom, today I join you, there in the sky, the best day of my life. I love you mom.

Your son, kris 

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