No Wizard Left Behind

In the world of Harry Potter, Harry's kids are off the Hogwarts for their magical education. James, Albus, and Lily are all ready to learn magic alongside of Ron and Hermione's kids as well as Neville's, Fleur and Bill's, George's, and all the old characters you have come to know and love, (and hate.....). But when Hogwarts is attacked by some of Voldemort's surviving Death-Eaters, they are forced to use their powers to protect Hogwarts and kill of the remaining Death-Eaters. Oh, and did I mention all the professors are being held captive by the Death-Eaters as well? This book is an action-packed, comedy with a little romance squeezed in here and there.


28. the rag doll

"Ah, so you have done nothing in this battle, you cower to students that threaten to kill you, you nearly destroyed the element of surprise, are the sole reason that we are at disadvantage, and you want me to spare your life? Ha! You must be joking." Fenrier Greyback paced the great hall as Joseph Lunar dangled from the ceiling upside down.

"Please, please! I'll do anything to get out of here! Anything to gain your trust! Anything! I beg you please!" Joseph wasn't just pleading, he was begging. Begging for his life.

"Fenrier," Arista chimed, "Perhaps, we could use him for more fitting jobs. Such as, a decoy?"

Crysta whimpered from her little corner at the thought of her "true love" being set as a decoy. It was most definitely using him as bait. Crysta's sister Enora, practically floated to her side and gripped her shoulders tight.

"Crysta dear," she whispered into her ear, "remember how much we hate this traitor? How upset you were when he cheated on you?"

Crysta barley nodded as the tears streamed down her pale cheeks.

"We want him dead, remember?" Enora hissed.

Wanted misfortune on someone is one thing. Revenge is another. But death? This was too great for Crysta's young and warped mind.

Crysta stood there, shaking slightly.


Crysta now nodded her head. Her long, caramel hair fell into her face and stuck to her cheeks, her tears acting as glue.

"Now you're going to stop crying, right?"

The words weren't soft or relaxing. They were venomous and threatening. Her nails dug into Crysta's robes around her shoulders.

She absentmindedly wiped her own tears and stared off into space. The conversation resumed.

"A decoy you say? Please explain." Fenrier stroked his beard.

"Well, the students will most likely attack the hall and each of our bases. Now if we use him to direct them in another direction, we can use them as somewhat of a trap."


"And those Potter kids will fall for it in an instant. They'll be putty in our hands once Joseph lures them into the trap. Easy kill." Blaze declared.

"Indeed. The plan shall be set in motion at once." Fenrier announced.

Joseph began to whimper.

"Crysta! Please, my love! Don't let them take me away, they'll kill me Crysta! They'll kill me....kill us! Please! I love you!" He shouted.

He was of course, lying. He didn't love Crysta...he loved to use her as leverage for things like staying with the death eaters or blaming her for stealing things. He slept with other women during there relationship and she knew it. He drove her insane with greed and depression, but that wasn't all. He lead her to think that she could do no better than him and whenever he told her that he loved her, she melted and gave in.

Now she was sprinting to his hanging body, wand out ready to save him. She was crying again as she shot a spell that made him break free of his invisible restraints. He fell to the ground with a thud and she ran to him.

"Oh Joseph, I'm sorry. So sorry." She cried as she covered her body over his.

He said nothing.

"Move away, Crysta." Blaze instructed sternly.

"No!" She cried.

"Crysta, move away now!" Milusent hissed.

"Never! I love him! You can't do-" she cried.

"Avada Kedavra!" Fenrier shouted.

Crysta was silenced mid sentence. Her limp body lay on top of him like a rag doll. Her eyes red and wide open. Joseph pushed her off and made a break for the door.

"Patrifacus totalis!" Milusent shouted.

His body froze up and landed face first onto the cold floor. The death eaters closest to the door charged for his body. They grabbed his legs and arms and carried over towards the others.

Enora fell to the ground, looking at her sister's life less body. Her sobs couldn't be controlled by her shaking hands trying to cover them.

"C-crysta?" She sputtered, "No....n-no...please no...p-please! Crysta!"

She ran to her body and held her sister's face in her hands. She scanned every inch of it, trying to find a hint of life. Her whole body was shaking as she clung to the corpse.

"Say it's not true! Say it's not true!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Enora," her best friend Mackey said in a hushed tone.

"No! Say it's not true! Say she's not dead!" She choked on her own sobs as her grip tightened on her body.

Mackey began to stroke her back gently as she cried over her sister for twenty minutes. Enora wailed and wailed until her voice was practically gone. Mackey kept gently shhing her. Not out of spite, but out of love.

Some death eaters still have hearts.

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