No Wizard Left Behind

In the world of Harry Potter, Harry's kids are off the Hogwarts for their magical education. James, Albus, and Lily are all ready to learn magic alongside of Ron and Hermione's kids as well as Neville's, Fleur and Bill's, George's, and all the old characters you have come to know and love, (and hate.....). But when Hogwarts is attacked by some of Voldemort's surviving Death-Eaters, they are forced to use their powers to protect Hogwarts and kill of the remaining Death-Eaters. Oh, and did I mention all the professors are being held captive by the Death-Eaters as well? This book is an action-packed, comedy with a little romance squeezed in here and there.


2. Teddy Would Knock You Out Cold

"Lily....Get-up. Lily, we're here."Rosie shook me awake and I slowly widened my eyes so I could see. I looked to my left and saw the rain trickling down the window. I could faintly see the Hogsmead train station through the condensation. James was taking down our luggage from above us.

"Ow! James, watch it." Rosie said as James dropped a purse in Rosie's lap.

"It's your purse." James retorted back.

"Well I would kindly ask you not to throw it at my like a bluddger!" She snapped back.

"At least I can hit one!" James spat.

Rosie went silent but gave him a dirty look. James and Rosie never got along. They were always bickering about something, whether it was how the other was dressed, each other's taste in music, or even if someone was breathing to loud. They were the same age and completely different people. They were both 15 and in their 5th year at Hogwarts. Rosie and James were the same in one thing and one thing only, they were both incredibly brave. Of course they were both in Gryfinndor House. Obviously. We're all in Gryfinndor, I mean have you met our parents. We're not oblivious about our parents and we are well aware of the amazing feats they have accomplished. It's hard to forget because of all the people that come up to us and tell us what are parents have done. I guess you could say that I'm honored to be "The Chosen One's" daughter, it's not like it matters in the social status of school anyways. I guess that helps me and my family because that's one more thing I don't have to worry about. 

We all shuffled out onto the rainy platform and headed towards the carriages. I had always loved the carriages and the magic that possessed them to move on their own. It reminded me of the time Rosie came home from her first year at Hogwarts and she showed me her textbooks from all her classes. My favorite book was her charms book. The binding was a shimmering gold and the book itself was a deep royal blue. The kind of blue that you could lose yourself in. I loved how the pictures moved to show you how to properly cast the spell. The people were sketched into the book, they weren't photographs and this made it all the more magical to me.

Hugo had to go to the boats since this was his first year at Hogwarts. We waved him goodbye and good luck as he went with the parade of first years. We waited for a carriage to arrive and we hopped in.

"What house do you think Hugo will be put in?" I asked dumbly, for everyone knew the answer.

"Gryfinndor." Everyone sighed. It was obvious that I was trying to strike up a conversation. Nothing else was said on the ride to the drop off area. I guess we were all miserable because of the rain.

As we pulled into the drop off area, I noticed some familiar faces.

"Oh god, there's Teddy Lupin sucking faces with our cousin." James said sickly.

"James!Quiet down!They might here you!" Rose said sternly. 

"So what if they hear me? I'll take Teddy on!" James said holding up his fists.

"Teddy would knock you out cold first punch." Albus muttered over his book.

"Thanks for the support Al. I would expect something rude to come out of Rose's mouth but my own brother... my own flesh and blood..." James said dramatically.

Rose cut him off, "I am your flesh and blood stupid."

"Whatever Rose. I'm going to go stop them." James said leaping from the carriage. Rose tried to grab his leg but she missed and fell unto Albus.

"Sorry Al." she said as she scrambled out of the carriage after James.  

"I guess that means we have to unload the luggage ourselves." I said with a sigh. Albus nodded and put his book down. We started unloading when we noticed that people started to swarm in the direction of Teddy and James. The swarming turned into a chanting crowed. They all started chanting "FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT". 

"Uh-oh" Albus said as we both turned to look at each other. We had the same idea.

We dropped the trunks and took of running. We saw the chanting crowd circled around them. Albus and I pushed through the crowd so we were at the front. I gasped at their appearances. They were both bruised and bleeding at some point on their body. James had a bad nose bleed and a black eye. Teddy had blood in his hair and a black eye as well. I saw Victoure and Rose shouting at them to stop. I ran through the boys just barely dodging a punch to head, and over to Rose and Victoure. 

"What are you doing letting them just beat the crap out of each other?" I screamed over the crowd.

"And let ourselves get beaten to death? I don't think so!" Victoure yelled back.

"If we don't do something quick, one of them is going to get seriously hurt!" Rose yelled to the both of us.

Just as she said that, Albus threw himself into the fight and punched Teddy in the back of the head. Everyone gasped and Albus looked at Teddy. Teddy was red in the face with anger and Albus went white in the face with fear. Teddy was his Dad's height, six foot one already. Albus was only five foot nine. Teddy spit blood out and went to swing a really big punch. One that could knock you out instantly. All of a sudden, an adrenaline ran through my whole body and I ran into the fight. I swung my hands out wide and stood in front of Albus just as Teddy swung down the punch. Teddy looked as surprised as everyone else when I ran into fight. His fist was coming down so fast that he couldn't stop. It came barreling down so fast and right into my gut. Everything went blurry instantly. I heard large gasps from everyone and saw Teddy instantly fall to his knees to help me. I could faintly hear Rose's scream shouting at someone. Then it all faded to blackness.    

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