No Wizard Left Behind

In the world of Harry Potter, Harry's kids are off the Hogwarts for their magical education. James, Albus, and Lily are all ready to learn magic alongside of Ron and Hermione's kids as well as Neville's, Fleur and Bill's, George's, and all the old characters you have come to know and love, (and hate.....). But when Hogwarts is attacked by some of Voldemort's surviving Death-Eaters, they are forced to use their powers to protect Hogwarts and kill of the remaining Death-Eaters. Oh, and did I mention all the professors are being held captive by the Death-Eaters as well? This book is an action-packed, comedy with a little romance squeezed in here and there.


6. I Am The Phoenix

I turned a corner and leaped down the hallway, flapping my arms up and down. I closed my eyes, pretending that I was a Phoenix. A Phoenix soaring through the clouds high above Hogwarts. High above the world. Sometimes I have random outbursts of excitement and joy that I just can't contain. You have to remember that I'm a 13 year old with extraordinary powers, an extraordinary family and I go to an extraordinary school. I sometimes that for granite my life and all the privileges that I have.

I opened my eyes and laughed at myself for a little. I gazed up at the huge ceilings and wondered how they came to look so old when they were only about 20 years old. Since Hogwarts had been nearly demolished, most of the walls and ceilings were rebuilt. I pondered this for a little bit, not taking my eyes off the ceiling and then... BAM!!


I heard tumbled to the ground with a thud. I looked around to see what I bumped into, realizing it was  another student. 

"Sorry," I said apologetically, helping them pick up their books.

"It's ok. It happens all the time." I heard the kid's raspy voice respond.

It was a boy with curly brown hair and round glasses. He didn't make eye contact with me until he got up. He had the prettiest brown eyes you've ever seen. They looked at me with anxiety and fear. I looked at his eyes for a really long time until he said, "Your Lily Potter, right?" 

"Yah. Why?"

"Oh, it's just you look familiar is all." He said looking down and blushing. 

"I'm in your year as well." He said not breaking his gaze at his feet.

"Really? What house are you in?" I said suddenly becoming interested with this boy.

"Gryfinndor. I'm usually just in the common room, doing my homework." He said looking up at me, but not making eye contact.

"Oh, well I'll see you around....." I paused, indicating that I wanted to know his name.

"Peter." he said looking at the books in his hands. 

"Alright Peter." I said heading down the hall.

"Alright Lily." I heard echo from down the hall.


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