No Wizard Left Behind

In the world of Harry Potter, Harry's kids are off the Hogwarts for their magical education. James, Albus, and Lily are all ready to learn magic alongside of Ron and Hermione's kids as well as Neville's, Fleur and Bill's, George's, and all the old characters you have come to know and love, (and hate.....). But when Hogwarts is attacked by some of Voldemort's surviving Death-Eaters, they are forced to use their powers to protect Hogwarts and kill of the remaining Death-Eaters. Oh, and did I mention all the professors are being held captive by the Death-Eaters as well? This book is an action-packed, comedy with a little romance squeezed in here and there.


14. Break in

I heard the sound of screams and war cries outside the windows. The other students began to panic.

"We want to fight!" Dominique yelled with her fist in the air. Everyone stared at her but she continued. "We want to fight for Hogwarts!"

Murmurs shot around the Great hall of the idea of fighting and risking our lives.

"No. Absolutely not." Mackenzie shouted.

A huge something hit the window and we heard the sound of shattering glass. Gasps emitted from the hall as we scrambled around. People were shouting names and calling out for others.

"Lily! Lily! Where are you?!" It was James' voice calling for me.

"Lily!" Rose's voice echoed round too.

"Rose! James! Guys where are you?!" I was in full panic like the rest of the hall. Professor McGonagal tried to silence the room, but it was a mob scene.

"Lily! There you are come on!" Rose and James ran up to me with terror on their faces. Albums and Dominique stood behind them.

"Where are the others?" I shouted over the noise.

"We're still looking for them!" Albus yelled.

Rose grabbed my arm and we all ran together like a pack of wolves. Students were banging on the huge metal doors, trying to force them open. Then we heard a huge swoosh of air from the professors' table. We looked back to see the windows wide open and people dressed in all black standing there, but no professors.

The room was dead silent out of fear and confusion. Rose, who was still clutching my arm, trembled slightly as she stared straight ahead like everyone else.

"Well well well." The man who stood where professor McGonagal just stood spoke. He was a frightful sight indeed. His face was covered in thick, coarse hair just like the rest of him. He looked to be twice the size of a regular man, and his arms were extremely muscular. He stood there with a huge amount of confidence as he spoke. "I guess all of you cowards aren't in Gryffindor." The people with him cackled and laughed at his words.

James looked like he was going to rip them apart he was so angry. He hated being called a coward more than anything else. Rose sensed it as well.

"James," she whispered through gritted teeth, "Don't do it. Stay calm." James had his wand in his hand, low to the ground. He looked fuming. He was about to raise it when Rose smacked it out of his hand and onto the ground. It broke the silence and some people looked right at us, including one of the people up front.

She had short, black hair and and ugly face. She was very overweight and dressed in long black robes that barley brushed the floor. The woman sneered at us as she pointed her wand at us. I felt the fear rise in me as she opened her mouth, about to cast a spell.

"Pansy!" The woman turned her head and looked at the girl with long blonde hair and shook her head no. Pansy lowered her wand and glared at us as she waddled over to the blonde woman. The man continued to talk.

"You are probably asking yourselves who we are, and I would like to inform you that we," he extended his arms, indicating his followers "are the Death Eaters that never left."

Whispers flooded the silence as the students spoke his words.

"Death eaters that never left? What are those?" I asked Rose.

"I don't know." She muttered back. I saw a tear roll down her cheek as she stared ahead.

I looked at him as he smiled at us, evil reeking from his smile. "You fine, young students will pay for what your parents did 21 years ago. You will die." Gasps and cries filled the hall and people were pushing on the door, trying to push it open. I felt tears pour from my eyes as I held Rose's hand tightly. She was crying too. The man cackled and laughed as we tried to escape. Everyone was pushing with all their might against the door. Then some started to cast spells, but it was useless, the Hogwarts security was phenomenal. Then we finally pushed it open and we all scattered through Hogwarts.

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