X Factor changed my life

I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I walked onto the stage where so many lives have been changed I took a deep breath and smiled at the 4 judges. Simon Cowell then asked " What is your name sweetheart?". I smiled and replied "Emily Johnson". "Nice to meet you Emily, how old are you?" he said. " I am 19 today and You to Sir!" I smiled. " Well Happy Birthday then and What will you be singing for us today Miss.Emily ". " Thank you! and Breakeven by The script


4. meeting the boys

Emily's P.O.V

Liz just left to get a shower, and I am bored I debate on going to find louis or not I decide to try. I go out the door and there he is about to knock. There's four other boys behind him. He smiles and says "Hey Em!!!". I smile back and say "Hey Lou!" He blushes and we both smile. The one with curly hair says " Ohh Louis got a crushhh." I whispered to louis "who are they?" But they all heard and each answered "I'm harry". "I'm liam." "I'm niall ". "I'm zayn". "I'm louis" added louis. And then they all said "And we're one direction!" At about that time Liz walked out in a bikini and at that moment her eyes locked with Niall's. "H-H-Hi!" She stuttered,"I was just going to, the uh, pool,uh yeah, pool!" Niall replied, "Yeah, uh, me too!" As he ripped his shirt off -dang he's got abbs- and went toward the pool following Liz. Then Louis said," Come on Em. I want to take you somewhere." He headed toward the elevator and I followed. He pressed the "roof" button and the elevator slowly went upwards. Once we got two floors up, still two away from the roof, the elevator jerked violently, throwing me and Louis to the floor, and stopped.

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