X Factor changed my life

I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I walked onto the stage where so many lives have been changed I took a deep breath and smiled at the 4 judges. Simon Cowell then asked " What is your name sweetheart?". I smiled and replied "Emily Johnson". "Nice to meet you Emily, how old are you?" he said. " I am 19 today and You to Sir!" I smiled. " Well Happy Birthday then and What will you be singing for us today Miss.Emily ". " Thank you! and Breakeven by The script


3. getting to know them

Louis P.O.V

 After we were put into groups we were sent to a hotel and we were told to get to know each other. No one had really said much yet but we walked into our hotel room and sat down. The blond guy, Niall I think was on twitter and just screamed. "Are you ok!" I asked he just screamed " JUSTIN FOLLOWED ME!!!!!!!!!!!" we all just laughed. Then Harry spoke up "Sooo what should we call our band?". "how about the Carrot men?" I said everyone laughed Liam added "New Direction?" everyone nodded but Harry said "or maybe One Direction?" then everyone smiled and nodded and one direction was formed

Emily P.O.V

"So... im Emily Johnson nice to meet you!!!" I said to Elizabeth. " Im Elizabeth parker ... but you can call me Liz!" said Elizabeth with a smile. Liz had big bright blue eyes and wavy long brown hair. "What do you think we should be called?" I asked. " Liz and Emily?" she suggested. "I ... love it! Short and simple!" I replied.

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