X Factor changed my life

I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I walked onto the stage where so many lives have been changed I took a deep breath and smiled at the 4 judges. Simon Cowell then asked " What is your name sweetheart?". I smiled and replied "Emily Johnson". "Nice to meet you Emily, how old are you?" he said. " I am 19 today and You to Sir!" I smiled. " Well Happy Birthday then and What will you be singing for us today Miss.Emily ". " Thank you! and Breakeven by The script


5. elevator fun

Louis and I stared at each other blankly, then randomly burst out laughing. "This happened to me with my dad when I was little!" He said. I took a step closer to Louis. He asked me," Do you like to dance?" I nodded. "What music?" He asked. Whatever you like I thought but I said,"Doesn't matter." He started singing a song I don't know and grabbed my hands. Pulled me close and we kissed.

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