X Factor changed my life

I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I walked onto the stage where so many lives have been changed I took a deep breath and smiled at the 4 judges. Simon Cowell then asked " What is your name sweetheart?". I smiled and replied "Emily Johnson". "Nice to meet you Emily, how old are you?" he said. " I am 19 today and You to Sir!" I smiled. " Well Happy Birthday then and What will you be singing for us today Miss.Emily ". " Thank you! and Breakeven by The script


10. Done

At 7:00 we started the show it was the second to last week. Peter Dickson's loud voice came on with "Welcome to the X Factor!"  as the theme music  played when it stopped he continued with "We are here with your top four!" he paused "Liz & Emily!" we came on and everyone cheered, "Cher Lloyd !" she came on and everyone cheered, "Rebecca Ferguson!" she came on and everyone cheered, "And last but certainly not least, One Direction!!!" everyone cheered but no one came on. He tried again "One Direction!!!" still they didn't come every one cheered and started yelling "1D,1D, 1D, 1D, 1D,1D,1D, 1D, 1D, 1D!!!" but they didn't come a scrawny looking man did though. He came out and handed Peter a piece of paper. Peter yelled "Bye Sherman!" then the man I mean Sherman ran off the stage. Peter read the paper out loud "One Direction will not be here tonight, Louis is ill, but niall and harry will do a few video chats throughout the show."  "Booooo" yelled the crowd. "Hey its aright, it wont effect whether they stay or not, since this is a elimination show." peter added. A picture came up on the screen it was pink with red hearts it said "who is in love on the x-factor <3."  Then peter said "Tonight we will talk about couples on the show! first Emily!" he continued "Emily are you in a Relationship I blushed and he added "with Louis maybe?"  A fan then yelled "LOUILY FOREVER!!!!" I replied as I bit my lip " I don't know." then whispered to myself "but I hope so..."  He moved to Emily, "What about you Ms. Parker?" She answered "Me and Niall Horan have been dating since the second episode, and Yesterday he gave me a promise ring and said that we will always be together!" "Awww!" and " LIALL" cheered the crowd. "He moved to Cher then Rebecca neither of them were in a relationship he then started a video chat with Niall and Harry ''Hi!" cheered Niall and "Hello!" cheered Harry. "Hi! we have been talking about relationships are you in one Harry?" "Yes Peter I am, I am dating Miss.Emily's  sister Allison Johnson! Stand up Al!" Allison blushed and stood up they put a spotlight on her and peter came down to her and said "Allison?" "Yes Sir?" she answered. He Laughed and replied "Call me Peter!" she smiled and nodded "Alright!" "How long have you been dating Harry?" he asked. "For one and a half years, he is a great guy I love him!" she answered and Winked at harry. "Well thank you Miss.Allison, but it looks like it is time to announce who will be leaving us tonight." Said Peter as he ran back on the stage. When he got there he took a Red shiny envelope out of his coat pocket before he opened it he said "Whoevers  isn't safe will be going home immediately."  He opened the envelope and said "Cher Lloyd........You are.........SAFE!!!" everyone cheered she is very talented she deserves it Peter continued "Rebecca Ferguson........You are.........SAFE!!!" everyone cheered. It is either Liz and I or One Direction either way I cant tell Louis yes, I want to so badly, but I can't, we don't have each others phone numbers because contestants are not aloud to have a phone during the period of the show, as I realized I can never tell Louis yes the color slowly, but surely drained from my face. This can not be happening. I looked up at the video cam and the boys looked just as heartbroken as me. "Liz and Emily   ...................................................................... you are................................................not safe, I am sorry." the red spotlight above us went out I looked at the screen the look on the boys faces was bittersweet as we were taken off the stage.



A/N- Well that was intense....What do yall think of Louily and Liall? I know I didn't get 20 comments, but I got to 15 favorites so I updated anyways :)!!!! I still need entries for my contest!!!! 

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