Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


28. Wrong

Katie's POV:


Ellen looks up at the monitor and chuckles a little. She looks around expectantly, and the audience does the same. After a moment a frown spreads across her face. 


"Where are the real girls? Are you boys messing with us? These girls don't meet your criteria, it's nice you bought some fans along though." She says sweetly. Kate runs off stage and me and Peyton turn to the boys. They look hurt, and I let some tears escape my eyes. I try to dab my tears away, but fail so I run over to the side wing and cry. 


"These are our girls and we don't have criteria. You've seen the pictures on the internet." Niall yells at Ellen. The boys run over to us and comfort us.


"Katie, I'm so sorry." Harry says pulling me into hug. I cry a little more then pull away.


"I'm fine, can I go?" I ask already turning towards the door. He shakes his head, and grabs my hand. I get pulled out onto the stage while Harry talks to Ellen.


"This is my girlfriend Katie, and how dare you say she doesn't meet criteria. I love her and I'm not coming back on this show, ever!" He screams pulling me back off the stage. We walk out the door and get into the limo. Harry seems pretty steamed so I turn to Liam.


"Hey, is Kate okay?" I ask. He shrugs and shifts. 


"Um, I think we broke up. She texted me and said she doesn't want to live like that. I don't even think I liked her, but it still stings." He says. I look down and try not to look at him. My gaze falls on Niall and Peyton, they're holding hands and leaning on each other. Harry isn't really that romantic, all he does is kiss me and watch movies with me. It kinda gets annoying. 


"Harry? Are you ok?" I ask after a moment. He nods and sighs. I try to cuddle up to him but he brushes me off. I don't understand why he is being so weird. 


"Fine.." I mumble scooting away. I put my forehead on the cold window and let the tears escape. A hand touches my shoulder, and I decide to let it stay there. 


"Katie?" Harry asks. I look at him, and he pulls me into another hug, but I pull away.


"Fuck off." I say quietly. He looks shocked, but bounces back.


"What's wrong?" He asks.


"YOU! Why the hell do you think all I'm good for is kissing? You don't cuddle, hold hands, or talk to me about anything but your fucking stardom. I'm done with it." I yell. All the boys look at me, but I turn away. This is just stupid. 


"That's not true, I just defended you in front of all of those people. I love you and you think all I try for is kissing?" He asks back hurt.


"Harry, we haven't gone on one date. You have never touched anything on me, but my lips. Please just let me have a moment." I spit at him. We arrive at the hotel and I grab my laptop. Since I'm pissed I'm happy to get Thor 2 tickets for tonight. 


"You've had your moment now what was that about?" Harry asks chuckling. I throw a pillow at him, but he ducks.


"Harry you don't get it. I'm a cutter, and I don't do stress well. You act like I'm a piece of shit you can just toss around, and you've hurt me even if you didn't know it. I just need you to leave me alone. Can you please just go?!" I yell. Harry turns but doesn't go. 


"I thought you loved me." I nod and sit down.


"I do, but you're annoying. I'm going to Thor." I say grabbing my purse.


"Can I come too babe?" He asks pulling me close. He plants a kiss on my lips.


"NOPE! And that was wrong of you to think you could kiss me after all that." I say leaving him alone.

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