Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


6. What Went Wrong?


Katie's POV: 


He pushes me away as I lean in for another kiss, and I think I really did it this time. But as soon as I try to apologize he says.


"I'm supposed to kiss you first." He pulls me into a very passionate kiss and I know that we are falling HARD for each other. This was what I've wanted since they came together as a band. After a moment we break apart and he pulls me under the water. I'm not prepared so I choke a little. 


"Stahp!" I cry once we break the surface. He looks me in the eyes and says dead serious.


"NO!" WE go under again, and he kisses me under water. It kinda sucked but it was with Harry Fucking Styles so I didn't mind. 


"We should go back up, in case they're wondering where we are." I say quickly and Harry nods sadly. We get out of the water into the freezing air and he wraps a soft white towel around me. He spins me around but once he lets me go I rush down the hall and hop in the elevator. He's not quick enough to get in with me but out of nowhere the elevator stops.At first I think it's a joke, but then I hear an intercom come on. 


"Stay away from our Harry! He's not for you, they all have secrets you don't know about. I do though." The intercom cuts out and the elevator jerks back to life. By the time I reach Harry's floor he is panting and frowning.


"What took you so long?" He asks reaching for my hand. I shake my head and drop to my knees. I had no idea directioners could hack an elevator, mostly because I didn't think they were that insane. Harry helps me up and whispers something in my ear, but I can't hear it over the intercom coming on again.


"I warned you," the voice says mimicking what I said earlier. They don't realize Harry is in here because they drop the elevator with the door still open…We scream and hug thinking this might be the end. But I guess the hacker realizes that Harry is with me and they bring the elevator back up. Harry hops out and pulls me behind him. We run to the room and giggle once the door is shut. Niall and Peyton are making out while Louis watches in horror. Zayn and Liam are still asleep on the ground while Lauren chats on the phone with someone. 


"Not meaning to interrupt." Harry says loudly breaking up the pair. They just stare at us expectantly.


"We went to the pool, and I'm going to take a shower." I say rushing to my bedroom. I pick out a pair of pink pajama bottoms and a black tank top ( not mentioning my unmentionables). Harry smiles at me, and then shuts the door. I go sit in the jacusi tub and then shower off, making sure to take my time. 


Harry's POV:


"What the hell was that." I yell at Niall once he gets away from Peyton. He just smirks until I get serious. "You know Lou likes her, and clearly more than you." He looks disappointed and tries to speak.


"I don't even like her that much. I just am doing this for her, but she broke it off anyway. She happens to like Lou more than me." Niall says actually a little sad. His blue eyes look dull and seem that all happiness has left. Louis over heard and gave Niall a big hug. He tries to struggle but fails against Lou's cuteness. I laugh along with them which wakes Zayn and Liam. 


"Hey.." Liam says sleepily. He realizes I'm wet and looks confused. 


"Went for a late night swim." I say laughing.


"Ahhh. I think I might ask out Katie. Just saying she's really pretty and I really like her. Think you can help me out with that?" My heart drops a little. I forgot about the fact that one of my best mates likes her. Out of nowhere Katie comes out of the bathroom in her cute pajamas and I can't help but giggle. Liam notices somethings up when she comes and sits on my lap.


"Sorry Liam," she mumbles, "I'm with this guy." She says tousling my hair and kisses me on the cheek. Peyton looks over in disgust and I wonder what her deal is..


"Katie I need to talk to you now!" She sounds upset and I really want to stay out of it.


Katie's POV:


Peyton drags me into the second bedroom and slams the door behind us. 


"You do realize these boys are leaving in like 4 days. You're already kissing him after dating for about 1 hour! That's not cool." She says rudely. I roll my eyes and sit on the bed. Does she think I don't know this? Duh, we may not have a real relation ship but that's better than nothing. 


"Peyton, I know all this. Now come on you were kissing Niall for who knows how long." I scream back and that's when she looks sad. 


"Shut up! I don't even like him I like Louis and quite frankly I don't think you like Harry! You always said you would rather go on a date with Liam!" She yells thinking she won. I stand up and resist the urge to punch her.


"That was before I met them! What happened to Zayn being your favorite you haven't even talked to him, bitch!" I scream causing her to gasp.


"Why can't you just be happy for me, for once in my life? Why do you think you've never noticed my scars, because you don't pay attention to me unless it affects you." I mumble pushing past her. I slam the door in her face and look at the crowd gathered on the other side. Louis looks happy while Harry and Liam look upset. What the hell just happened?!

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