Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


1. The Meet N' Great


    "Peyton, are you ready?" I yell upstairs. She rushes down and hands me my purse. Of course she got me the one with Harry Styles written in cursive. 


"Really you needed to go full Directioner on me?" I giggle and she nods back and gestures to her matching one with Zayn Malik written in blue letters.


"This is a One Direction concert we're going to after all." She says shoving me out the door. 


"Lock the door," I yell at her, "you know how mom freaks." Peyton rushes back and locks the door. We run to my blue pickup together and I start the engine. Peyton sighs and leans back in the leather seat. It takes a while to get to the Pepsi Center but we eventually arrive. We hop out of the truck and hurry to the entrance. This year the meet n' greet is after the concert so we have to wait a while before we can meet the boys. Peyton goes inside while I wait for our cousin Lauren to come and meet us. It takes 10 minutes for Lauren to arrive, but when she does we run inside and sit in the first row. 


"Hey Peyton!" Laurens cries pulling me and my sister into a hug. We haven't seen her since our last Justin Bieber concert. That was when we met Justin Bieber and he told my sister that she was sexy. We don't like him anymore mostly because he went on a date with her and ended it by kissing me! It was a horrible date.


"What have you been up too? You deleted your Facebook so we couldn't catch up." I say taking a seat in the amazing chair that will give me the perfect view of the boys. Lauren rolls her eyes and joins me.


"You know that I don't like that shit. Twitter is just as good and so is Instagram, but you have one of those." She says looking at me confused. 


"I only use that for stalking One Direction, duh." I say and she nods her head. She understands that they are my life. 


"Shut up it's starting!" Peyton squeals and I see 5 boys walk on stage. First comes a blonde one, Niall. He smiles and waves to the fans and I swear I'm about to die. This boy is the sweetest guy ever! Next comes two brunets, Harry and Liam. They bow and do a weird hand-shake I've never seen before. The last ones out are Zayn and Louis, they both smile and say in unison, "We are One Direction". Their beautiful british accents echo through the arena. Peyton and I scream a little while Lauren looks bored. She never really did like the boys all that much. 


"We are going to start out with 'Little Things' for all you girls feeling unsure out there." Harry, my favorite, says sweetly. A bunch of girls scream and I'm tempted to show my scars, but I decide not to so I adjust my 1D braclets so they can't be seen. The song starts and I sink into my seat. I watch as they settle onto stools as Niall takes out his acustic guitar. He starts to strum sweetly as the boys sing. They all look so perfect up on the stage I start to cry a little. A directioner behind me notices this and hits me on the head. 


"Shut up!" She hisses. I have to admit beliebers are much nicer, but I ignore her and wipe my tears. After a minute the song ends and I applaud and scream with the other fans. Peyton doesn't though. She spins around to the directioner behind us.


"How dare you speak that way to my sister!" She yells catching the girl off guard.


"Um…sorry? Can this wait they are about to sing 'Summer Love'." She replies rolling her eyes. This girl is rude, and my sister won't stand for that.


"Um.. no it can't! What the hell is your problem I saw you crying two seconds ago!" Peyton screams even louder. The girl just takes a seat and shuts her mouth. Summer Love echoes throughout the arena and we all sit down. 


    2 hours later the concert ends and it's time for the meet n' greet. I spring up and see the girl behind me sobbing into her friends shoulder.


"I just wanted to meet them…but you…didn't get the passes." She sobs pushing her friend away. I start giggling and pull Peyton along with me. Lauren didn't to meet them so she leaves as soon as it's over. 


"See y'all at the hotel!" She yells. We rented a room at the hotel One Direction is staying at in hopes of meeting them again. Peyton and I run to the dressing rooms and wait for the doors to open. When we walk in we realize we are the first ones there…that's odd for a concert like this.  We take a seat on the couch and see a ton of girls rush in. I slip onto the floor and get stepped on. Peyton screams in horror as a girl steps on my face and breaks my nose. Blood rushes down my face as more girls step on me. 


"Girls please stop! This meet n' greet is canceled, I'm sorry but there's been an injury." Niall says. The girls break down in tears and that's when they knock me unconscious. 

    I wake up an hour later and see 6 blurred faces staring down at me. It just happens to be Peyton and the members of One Direction. I'm so tired I can't scream or celebrate. 

"Harry? Niall? Zayn? Liam? Louis?" I ask dizzily. They nod in unison and I smile weakly. Peyton looks like she is going to faint, but she tries to be calm. 


"What…h-happened?" I ask propping myself up on one arm. Harry catches me as I fall back onto the pillow. 


"You got trampled by some insane fans." He says kindly. Peyton looks at my wrist and frowns. Shit my braclets fell off during the stampede.


"Katie? What's on you wrist?" All eyes fall on my scars and I recoil my wrist to my chest quickly. Dammit, she just found out what I've been keeping from her for 5 years in two seconds.










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