Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


15. The Game

(A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been busy.)

Katie's POV:

I cried for what seemed hours, but Harry never left me alone. 

"Babe, come on. They didn't really say it, we don't even know this girl. She was probably lying." He says after a moment. He pats me on the back and I look up at him. His eyes are filled with sadness and I know he isn't lying. I lean up and kiss him lightly, he uses his thumb to gently wipe away my tears. I smile weakly and he does the same back. I get up and see the boys looking at me. Zayn and Niall pull me into a hug and Liam joins in. I look over at Louis but he just rolls his eyes and leans against the wall. Liam looks upset so I go to talk to him

"Hey, I'm really sorry about dating Harry, but you will always be my best friend dude!" I say nudging him in the arm. He smiles and I hug him again. 

"It's ok, I just don't always get what I want." This gives me and idea. I smile and pull him over to Harry. I whisper in Harry's ear, "Lets play truth or dare, and anything goes except for stripping." He nods and shrugs.

"Why not?" He says gathering up the boys.


"Ok, guys lets play truth or dare and anything does except stripping or sex." I say and they all nod, even Louis. I sit on the ground and start.


"I'll go first!" I say cheerily. "Liam, truth or dare?" I ask and he strokes his chin a bit. 


"Dare!" He shouts after a moment. I smile and rub my hands together. 


"I dare you to...kiss me!" I say causing Harry and the boys to look startled.


"That is what you wanted, right?" I ask and he nods shyly. Harry still looks angry. 


"Haz, I'm just giving him what he wants. I'm here to make everyone happy." I joke laughing at Harry's expression. Liam leans in and I meet him halfway. He licks my bottom lip and I accept. Our tongues dance together until I hear Harry huff. I break away and smirk at him. He rolls his eyes and kisses me gently. 


"You taste like Liam..." He giggles. I smile and look at Liam. He looks really happy.


"Anyway, Louis, truth or dare?" Liam asks breaking the silence. Louis thinks and looks around. He kisses Peyton and looks back at Liam.


"Truth, I only want to kiss Peyton!" He laughs. Liam looks at me with apologetic eyes and then back at Louis.


"Why don't you like Katie?" The room goes silent and all eyes turn to Louis. He shrugs off the question and laughs. 


"She's stealing my best friend from me. How couldn't I be mad?" He asks. I look at the ground and Haz looks at Louis like he's insane. 


"Bro, the fact you thought I won't have time for you kills me. Katie, is like the love of my life and you really can't be support of that?? I'm supportive of you and Peyton!" Harry says getting up. He's really steamed so I follow him into the bedroom. He sits on the bed and screams a little.


"Babe, it's ok. He hates me not you." I say trying to cheer him up, but I fail. He just gets madder.


"That's the thing. He just hates you, not me you. The only thing I really truly care about, and he can't see that. I'm still trying to get to know you so I'm spending a lot of time with you! I think I love you and he doesn't give a shit!" He says as the door opens, Lou steps in and I step out.


"Katie, come back here." Harry says.


"You need to talk it out!" I yell shutting the door.


Harry's POV: 


"Haz, I'm sorry. I really am warming up to her, it'll just take time." Lou says. I shake my head and stand up.


"No! You aren't! Why can't you just accept the fact, we may not always be together. You have Peyton and I have Katie. We're both happy so just deal with it, Lou!" I yell trying to get this all through his thick head. 


"You'll always be my best mate, I guess I just can't understand why you went for her." He says looking confused.


"You're no longer my best mate! Liam is, and he kissed my girlfriend! I went for her because of her beauty, personality, and more! Lou I'm done with you!" I yell kicking him in the balls. He doubles over and I slam the door in his face, and then I lock it from the outside. He'll be in there for a while, the bitch.

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