Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


5. Not Afraid!


Katie's POV: 


"Harry and the boys should've been up here by now. Do you think the fans got them?" I ask Peyton as Lauren and her pick out a movie on Netflix. They pick 'The Avengers' and pause it, clearly they're waiting for the boys as well.


"I bet they're fine, but maybe we should go check." Peyton states standing up. I shake my head and stand up as well.


"It's fine, I'll go get them." I say unlocking the door. I skip down the hall and into the elevator just to be greeted by screaming fans. Their faces drop when they see me, and I decide to wait for the next elevator. After ten minutes I take the stairs and I meet Harry on the way. His shirt is torn and his hair is tousled. I run up to him and pull him into a hug.


"What the hell did they do to you?" I whisper scream. He just stands there. I think he's a little thrown off guard.


"The fans are getting more and more insane. Let's go up to the room." He says drearily. I just sigh and help him up until I realize Niall and the rest of the guys are missing. I'm about to ask when I hear yelling at the bottom of the stair well. Crap. I let go of Harry and I run downstairs to see Niall and Zayn huddled in a corner while fans were throwing their bras on them. Louis and Liam are trying to escape but failing miserably. 


"Katie they've handled themselves before. Just come on!" Harry whispers desperate for me to come back. No, these are my idols getting 'attacked' and I'm not backing down.


"OMG it's Harry Styles!" I yell down the stairwell causing the fans to stop in their tracks. Half of them break away and rush up the stairs while Harry starts to run for his life. When the fans reach the top I point to the door another story up throwing them off Harry's trail. I rush down the stairs to meet the boys.


"Hey, back up! I'm the new security guard and I do know Karate!" Some girls back away while others question me. Lucky thing I'm a black belt! I stand in front of the boys while Louis and Liam make a break for it. The girls brush it off and go back after Niall and Zayn. I grab one girls arm and recognize her as the girl from the concert. I smirk and flip her with one fluent motion. 


"I warned you." I giggle causing the rest of them to scatter. I laugh and help the guys up. They smile and follow me up the stairs. We meet Liam and Louis by the door Harry went through. They all hug me but all I want to do is find Harry, I bet he's pissed at me. Once we are through the door I'm engulfed in a hug. I look up and see Harry smiling down at me.


"Thank God you're ok." He says looking me in the eyes. I just smile back and lead them all to the room. Lauren and Peyton stand up when we enter and give all of us hugs. Of course they have a million questions but all we want to do is watch 'The Avengers'. 


Harry's POV:


 I see a ton of fans rushing after me, so I slip through the door. I hear Katie laughing and slam the door behind me. Why would she do that??? Luckily no fans come through the door so I relax. I open it slightly and see Katie flip a girl. Geeze I go the whole package. Everyone backs off and they all have a moment. I shut the door and wait for them. When Katie comes through I wrap her in my arms and make up some lame excuse on why. She is truly amazing. 


We go into her hotel room and watch 'The Avengers' for about and hour. Then Katie snuggles into my chest and I put my arm around her, after a moment she falls asleep. I look over and see Niall doing the same to Peyton. I almost puke mostly because I know Louis likes her now. Niall just isn't the guy for her. Katie stirs in her sleep and I hear her mumble something.


"Don't leave me Harry…..I-I love you…." She says a tear escaping her eye. I shake her awake and she gasps for air. She looks me fully in the eyes and cries a little more. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.


"Hey everyone's asleep, let's go to the pool. I can reserve it." I say trying to calm her down. She nods and grabs her bathing suit. After a moment she comes out in a pink zebra stripped bikini and I bite my lip. She looks good. Only her eyes are smudged with mascara and tears streak her face. 


"It's ok. I got my shorts on now lets go swim." I say taking her hand once more. She follows me down in the elevator and into the warm water. We splash around for a bit and then she does something unexpected. She kisses me. Not just a sweet innocent kiss she full on kisses me! When she pulls away she doesn't freak out either. She does it again. 


"Whoa, whoa!" I say pushing her away, that's when she starts to freak. 


"I'm supposed to kiss you first." I smirk kissing her once more.





















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