Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


38. I'm Not Staying

Katie's POV: 


I get on the next flight home but I also purchase a ticket to return. Better safe than sorry. Plus if they're leaving soon maybe I can disappear long enough for Harry to finally be on his way. I forgot to mention my plane just landed so in mere moments I'll be back with the people who made me leave in the first place. I get up and grab my duffle bag I brought with me. All I really have are a few outfits and I'm not creative enough to change it up. I turn on my phone and walk out into the terminal. Of course I have like 20 texts from Harry already.


From: Hazza

Are you here yet babe? I need to see you.


Was the last one he sent. I feel a smile creeping onto my face my let it fade. He just wants me back, no one else does. While I was gone Harry tweeted that he was missing me and right after a bunch of people told me to die for making him sad. He tried to help but what can he do, nothing. I just can't stand all this hate anymore. I pull out my phone and write up a tweet.


@katie_luv22: Going to see my baby. Hope he wants to see me... @harrystyles


I hit send and get feedback right away, thank god most of them are positive. I walk out the doors of DIA and hale a cab. I hop in and wait for it to take me home, while I wait I log back onto twitter.


@maisy_lazy227: Katie get your head out of your ass! Of course Harry will want to see you gorgeous. 


Is the first thing I see. I smile and start to feel really emotional. The cab driver taps my shoulder and informs we we're there. I had him the money I owe and hop out. I fumble with my key and open up the door only to see Harry and Peyton kissing. Yeah, my sister and my boyfriend are kissing, in my home, breaking MY FUCKING FRAGILE ASS HEART! I hear a noise and turn around to see my dogs rushing down to great me. At least someone loves me. Harry and Peyton shoot up and see me.


"Oh hey guys." I say holding back tears. Harry rushes up to me and bends down to my level. 


"Leave. Now." He says in my face. I shake my head and push him. This isn't happening. It can't be.


"You little bitch. You should this is my house." I say and Peyton starts to laugh.


"It's mine too, and me and Harry have some things to do." She says kissing him again in front of my fucking face. I punch her until I can't control my anger anymore. I hit them both everywhere and trust me they are starting to look fucked up.


That's when I wake up, still on the plane. I hope that doesn't happen because if it did, I would literally kill them and then myself. That's my worst nightmare. I need to see Harry.

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