Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


19. I Care

Harry's POV: 

I look back and see Katie on the ground, but she's not moving. It was Liam's fault, and she's my girlfriend...I need to forgive her now. 


"Katie, I'm sorry, I'm just upset." When she doesn't answer I get a little worried. She's my girl and I let her faint! God I'm so stupid. I scoop her up in my arms,  and look at her tear stained face. I peck her on the lips and she frowns. Her eyes flutter open and she smiles at my presence.


"Harry, I'm sorry. I need to tell you some stuff that Liam found out. He cant' be the only one to know. You all need to find out." She sighs putting her arms around me neck.


"Harry...I really love you, and I really want to take our relationship farther." She says. I set her down and she wipes her face. I grab her hand and go back into to Katie's room. Peyton and Niall are yelling at Liam while Zayn sits in the corner. When I walk in the room goes silent and the only thing you can hear is my heart beat. 


"I need to tell you guys something..." I sigh and Liam shoots up. He shakes his head.


Katie's POV:

Liam grabs my hand and I pull away. He sits back down and I sigh. 


"Okay, so after my parents left me and Peyton alone someone got hold of a secret about Peyton. He used it against me and made me promise that when I turned 16 he could do what he wanted withe me. So he's been since then." I cry tears spilling down my cheeks. Harry looks at the ground and the room goes quiet.


"What secret? Who did all this? Are you" Peyton asks really concerned. At least he didn't take that away from me. 


"The one about Mr. Sheldon. Anyway it's that kid Chris, and yes I am thank God." I sigh and Peyton shoots up. She grabs her purse and Niall follows her.


"Where are you going?" I ask.


"To kill Chris."


"Then I'm coming too," Harry says grabbing a small knife from the mantel. I shake me head but he persists.


"Hey, we're going on tour tomorrow and there is no need to murder that loser." I say grabbing Harry's hand. He comes back and kisses me. He licks my bottom lip and I accept. His tongue slithers in to my mouth and dances with mine. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He pushes me up against the wall. I know  where this is going and I like it.

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