Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


22. Fighting For My Life Part 1/3

Harry's POV:


Katie seems upset about this entire thing. I don't think it's a good idea either, but at least Liam will leave her alone now. Now we can have our own alone time >.<. She has been so happy these past couple of days and now she looks like she would rather die than help Liam.


Katie's POV:


All I want to do is get a razor blade, and cut. This is too much, he kissed me then dissed me. Ugh. I sigh, grab my white purse, and walk out to Harry's car. I hop in and put in my headphones, Rock Me blasts through as I see Liam hop in the back and Harry in the driver's seat. The car starts and I watch as we drive what? I pull out my head phones and hear the boys laughing.


"Where are we going?" I ask and Harry looks at me. Anger and happiness shine in his eyes as a smile forms on his lips.


"Elitches!" They scream in unison. 


"Why are we all dressed up then?" I ask, annoyance filling my voice. Liam starts to laugh and I look back at him. He stops and drops his gaze to the floor.


"The paps are everywhere tonight after they heard the news about our driver. We needa look good for them while we have fun at the park we rented out." Harry says. I giggle and put my head phones back on and listen to 'Wrecking Ball' for a while. I'm cut off from my little oasis by Harry screeching to a halt. I hit my head on the dashboard and feel blood start to flow down my face.I notice a bunch of people in front of the car, and all of them have cameras. I duck down and feel the car spring forward causing me to hit my head on the airbag compartment. 


"Babe?" Harry asks as I see blood drip onto the floor. I try to sit up but feel the door wrench open. I tumble out backwards into the crowd of paps as they take photos of me flailing on the ground. Liam gets out and helps me up, but I'm too dizzy to stand. I fall to the ground as Liam is forced back. Feet come in and step all over my body. I scream, but no-one can move without hurting me even more. 


"Katie!" Harry screams and I manage to see him through the crowd. The paps turn and chase him, leaving me cover in blood and bruises on the cold concrete. Liam rushes over to me and has tears running down his face.


"Oh God, oh God..." He keeps whispering until I put my finger to his lips.


"Let's go on the Mind Eraser first. I want to forget tonight." I giggle  before passing out.


Harry's POV: 


I finally ditch the paps and attempt to find a way back to Katie. I slid around corner after corner before I see her on the concrete with Liam bent over her. My feet carry me over there so fast I make it there in second, but she's out cold.


"I'm so sorry Haz...she needs to go to the hospital." I nod and examine her body. Her head has a giant gash that may require stitches, bruises all over her body, and blood streaming from cuts on her neck, legs, and arms. A tear escapes my eye and lands on her cheek. The water mixes with the blood and I lose it. I scoop her up in my arms and set her in the car. She stirs and I sigh in relief. Liam takes the wheel and we arrive at the hospital within minutes. I set her in a wheelchair and wheel her to the front desk.


"How may I help..."She cuts herself off once she sees who I am. Her gaze drops to Katie and she gasps in horror. She grabs the intercom and says, "Paging any doctor available. We have someone in need of attention now!" She yells and three doctors come running. Shit.

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